4 Ways Mediocre Managers Can Be Just As Damaging To Employee Motivation As Bad Ones

4 Ways Mediocre Managers Can Be Just As Damaging To Employee Motivation As Bad Ones

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4 Ways Mediocre Managers Can Be Just As Damaging To Employee Motivation As Bad Ones

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In challenging economic circumstances, it is vital to be able to engage and optimise the performance levels of every employee.To this end the CIPD conducted some interesting research for their White Paper “Managing for Sustainable Employee Engagement: Developing a Behavioural Framework” back in 2013.

Their research asks 120 managers and 500 employees from seven different companies about their levels of engagement, their wellbeing and their immediate line manager within the organisation. They then assessed these answers in line with a study they co-authored with the Health and Safety Executive about how stress in the workplace can be related to the management style of an employee’s immediate superior. The research in the White Paper concluded there were 4 ways a manager can help increase employee engagement:

  • Take Responsibility if things go wrong or mistakes have been made by the team
  • Talk to people in the team, invest the time in getting to know staff as individuals and ask them how they are doing
  • Consult team members about decisions rather than simply telling them what to do
  • Be calm under pressure and don’t transfer stress to your team

All four of these characteristics were identified in the study by employees who believed that they helped them go the extra mile, getting the best out of them by reducing and managing stress levels and also increasing levels of employee engagement. The head of Public Policy at CIPD Ben Willmott commented:

“Our research shows that arguably, it is the mediocre managers, who too often ‘fly under the radar’ in organisations, that are even more damaging to staff engagement over time and often inadvertently cause stress. Our research shows that managers who don’t find time to talk individually to their employees, who pass on stress, who panic about deadlines and fail to consult and provide advice, erode motivation and undermine employee health and wellbeing.”



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