Why LiB?

Even lawyers need a hug!

What makes LawyersInBalance different from other legal sites is that while we understand your need for legal articles, updates and deal information, we also take the view that legal professionals have a life outside of law and the office boundaries and that you need a good work-life balance. You set high standards at work and so do we, but we also set high standards for your play. Whether you are an aspiring lawyer at university, or a seasoned senior partner, this site provides insight and information on a lifestyle that all of us want to lead, but very few can. Our well-researched directory of luxury brands showcases every product and service you desire in your life. And our ‘On the Job’ articles help you achieve your career goals while maintaining a healthy balance.

Go. Do. Be.

Our exclusive directory doesn’t just highlight the average lifestyle supplier, we actively promote the best of the best. What’s more, we put all this information at your fingertips. We know you work hard and long hours and don’t always have the time to trawl the net to find things of interest where you work or live. So we have done it for you. In just 2 clicks you can find holidays, restaurant, clothing, cars, careers, family care, gifts, money, international business, property, education, the arts, self-development, food & wine and sports – all hand-picked to suit your lifestyle. What’s more, because these are the best of the best, you don’t have to spend hours choosing between hundreds of competitors – our directory has a limited number of options chosen by lawyers, for lawyers. Register to receive our monthly e-newsletter and you will get discounts, special offers and advance notice of events from our profiled clients.

Fitness, Nutrition, Well-Being, Coaching

Read tips from our nutrition, well-being, fitness and coaching experts, who write inspirational articles to guide you in the right direction towards that healthy work-life balance that we all seek. The articles will focus on what you eat, how you can fit in exercise and how mentally to overcome stress, learn to be happy and positive and create those small changes in your life – those marginal gains.  Because you can’t be at the peak of your performance in work if you aren’t taking care of your body and mind.

Barefoot Abroad

Check out the travels of our Barefoot Lawyer in Barefoot Abroad who can guide you through overseas locations for you to consider as your next holiday or work destination. With 12 locations on show at any one time, learn things you never knew about parts of the world you never thought you’d see.

Spotlight on

In our ‘Spotlight on’ section, you have the opportunity to present your ‘softer’ side to your peers and clients by showcasing your achievements outside of work. And the same time you get to promote your firm and your fun! Do you do charitable work? Run marathons? Play guitar? Coach your child’s football team? Whatever you do, tell us and we’ll put YOU in the spotlight.