Barefoot Abroad in Gibraltar

Diverse & Safe

Gibraltar is a gem at the tip of the Iberian peninsula. A country the size of an average town in the UK whose friendly 30,000+ inhabitants make any stay a stay to remember. It’s safe, for those solo travellers and there are many parks and activities if you are a family travelling.  Those who visit Gibraltar are often surprised at the diverse range of attractions on offer.

There are direct flights from 5 UK departure points and with the new air terminal, I am sure many more routes will follow. As you come to land in Gibraltar you cannot help but be awed by the Rock of Gibraltar, the scenery is indeed breathtaking. Once you have landed, getting to your final destination couldn’t be easier, bus, taxi or walking, nowhere is very far away in Gibraltar.

Many visitors tend to stick to shopping in Main Street, but the Rock has so much more to offer than that, and many of the wonderful things about Gibraltar are hidden from view. Gibraltar has a theatre, ice rink, bowling alley, 2 screen cinema, 2 marinas (often missed by tourists), a historic museum (again often missed by tourists) as well as plenty of activities to keep you entertained. There is rock climbing, sailing, diving, fishing and bird watching and of course the famous apes of Gibraltar that can be found in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Multiple celebrities have chosen the Rock of Gibraltar for a wedding, drawn to the steadfastness of the rock itself and to the symbolic sturdiness that it seems to offer.  Among those who held a destination wedding in Gibraltar were of course John Lennon from the Beatles, whose wedding was chronicled for the ages in a song called the Ballad of John and Yoko, which tells us that they were ‘married in Gibraltar near Spain’.

We all love discussing the weather and the weather on Gibraltar is well worth talking about. Some of the best weather will be found in Gibraltar, making it little wonder why so many choose to relocate here.

Weather and Beaches

gibraltarWinter is, as with anywhere else, a mixture of temperatures and conditions, including those which are cooler, wetter or even warmer and dry, however as a general rule only about a third of the days you will see on Gibraltar are wet. There are a number of beaches you can choose from, the picturesque Catalan Bay, the rocky Camp Bay or the more traditional Eastern Beach. All the beaches are frequented by the local ‘Gibraltarians’ who are friendly, welcoming and ever willing to help a tourist in need.

English is spoken throughout Gibraltar, but you will hear Spanish spoken on the street. You can also spend your English money as Sterling is the national currency, making it hassle free. Euros are also taken, but the exchange rate can often make it more beneficial to stick to your pounds.

There are so many tourist attractions to see and too many to mention, but you must check out the traditional Rock Tour, which visits the top of the rock (the best views for miles), the apes, St Michaels Cave, the Great Siege Tunnels, Alameda Gardens, Casemates and Europa Point to name just a few. If you want any inside information of the best bits of Gibraltar, please get in touch with Lifestyles4Lawyers…because we made it our home for 5 years and can tell you all you need to know to get the best from your Gibraltar visit.