Believe in Happiness

Believe in Happiness

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Believe in Happiness





The pursuit of happiness is something we all strive for, but surprisingly many of us fail to make time to think about what this really means. If you are not happy, and are not actively pursuing happiness, it may be because you don’t truly believe that you can be happy?

One of the main qualities in being happy is having self-esteem : if we believe that we can attain the things that matter and we believe that we can attract into our lives the people and opportunities that make us feel better, this state of mind will naturally enable these exact things to happen.

Three steps towards believing in and attaining happiness:

1- Awareness

We all have a voice in our head. Sometimes it is joyful, and sometimes it streams into our mind with a fury of negative beliefs. We then fuel these beliefs by affirming the things that are not working in life, choosing only to view things from a negative perspective. This becomes our experience of life; negative. By becoming more aware of this process, and watching as our negativity feeds itself, we can choose to intervene and to say: ’stop’.

Once we have regained control of our mind, we can then choose to look for the positive things in life; to recognise our achievements, our positive influences, the people we value and the kindness we have received, and we are lifted towards greater happiness. All we have to do is continue to manage our thoughts until the stream of thoughts flowing though our mind naturally becomes lighter.

However, when we are overwhelmed with anxiety and feel stuck or scared, we can become so riddled with fear that managing thought processes is not even an option. Our mind has become so foggy that we cannot think clearly enough to see the thoughts rushing around inside. This is because the subconscious has taken over, filling us with negative feelings and sensations relating to our past, and perhaps to our childhood.

If we can recognise that this is what is happening, even if we do not fully understand it, we can say to ourselves: ‘Ah yes, I see what is happening, I am being affected by fears of my past and they are triggering and fuelling my current fear or doubt’.

A good way to recognise core fears and beliefs is to pay attention to the judgements we place on our self, on others and on situations, and to notice our emotional reaction to our thoughts.

Once we have awareness of the fears that prevent our growth and self- esteem, we can move on to step two.

2 – Understanding

If we can see what we are truly afraid of in the present, and we try to rationalise the situation, we may find that the fear is not so overwhelming, and that in fact we do have the resources, courage and ability to move forward. It may be that we are afraid of the unknown, failure, loss, loneliness, rejection or pain. Understanding what we are afraid of, we are then empowered to make a choice: to evoke courage, and in pursuit of happiness, risk facing our fear, or to stay the same?

3- Compassion

By recognising fear, and understanding it, we can then decide how to respond to it. The best response is a compassionate one: to see the scared child and nurture her, and encourage her, in a kind and gentle way to be stronger and more courageous, as we would our own children.

With awareness, understanding and compassion, we can transform negative thoughts and beliefs, develop self-esteem and as a result, naturally take brave new steps towards happiness.

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