The Importance of Human Maintenance

The Importance of Human Maintenance

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The Importance of Human Maintenance

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How often do you put fuel in your car? How often do you service your car? Would you expect it to run forever when you put in the wrong type of fuel and neglected its upkeep?

How often do you put fuel in your car? How often do you service your car? Would you expect it to run forever when you put in the wrong type of fuel and neglected its upkeep?


When you think about the material things you have in your life have you noticed how ritualistically you maintain them? Washing your clothes once a week, cleaning your teeth twice a day, filling up with fuel once a week… or whatever you might do.


And yet consider as a person at work, how much attention you pay to your own physical and psychological maintenance. What rituals have you built in to ensure that you sustain your energy levels throughout the day, the week and the month?


Many people I work with only begin to pay attention to their health after things have gone wrong, however for some after the stroke or the heart attack, it can be too late!


I’d like to share with you some rituals and habits that successful, healthy individuals follow.  How would it be if you had more energy, more fun? How would you feel to be more creative, seeing the lighter side of life and not feeling the weight of the world, company or team on your shoulders?


Each morning, after you’ve brushed your teeth, stand with your weight evenly distributed and breathe deeply into your belly; notice your centre of gravity settle down just below your belly button. As you breathe into that centre, focus solely on your breathing. Hear the sounds around you, and let your thoughts drift in and drift away as you breathe in and out. Just do this for 5 minutes each and every morning and notice how it charges up your battery for an effective day.


At the end of each day spend 5 more minutes reflecting on what worked today, what are you proud of, what successes have you had.  You’ll be amazed how, as you begin to look for the answers to questions, you will begin to find the answers.


Just like your car, put in the right fuel. By that I mean eat well… plenty of fresh fruit and unprocessed foods.  I personally LOVE my coffee! So if you, like me, love it then make it a ritual. Have ONE gorgeous coffee a day, and savour it.  Drink your eight glasses of water every day to cleanse your system and revitalize your mind.  Exercise can be easy to fit in too; take the stairs to that meeting on the third floor for example, or go for a relaxing swim once or twice a week and enjoy the weightlessness.


So many people are half-asleep most of the time, eating, drinking and more scarily driving without realising what or how they are doing it.  Arriving at the destination and not quite recalling the journey – ever happened to you?


If so, each day just take some time out:

To breathe… on purpose

To eat…. on purpose

To drink… on purpose

To do… on purpose

and notice the subtle and profound enhanced performance in all that you do.


Gabrielle Gaché runs Power of Words, which specialises in One to One & Group High Performance Business Coaching as well as Leadership and Management experiential training, including Public Speaking, Conferences and Team Communications.  Visit for more information on their coaching, helping you to empower your impact, both personally and commercially.

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