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Unplanned IHT Image

Domicile Confusion Could Result In Unplanned IHT

A leading Island tax advisor has warned that many businessmen and women currently working in the Isle of Man could be unintentionally within the scope of UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) – because they haven’t grasped the difference between tax residence and tax domicile. UK IHT potentially applies just as much to Manx born residents holding…

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Reiki Work Image

Reiki: Be Honest In Your Work

Some time ago I started writing a series on Reiki, taking a break to share with you about Meditation and also healthy eating. The last Reiki article looked at humbleness. This time we explore being honest in your work… Being honest does not mean you have to tell someone straight out that you would not…

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Habits Image

How To Build Great New Habits For 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year: we’ve eaten too much, drunk too much, generally overindulged and done little exercise over the holiday period. Whether you created one or more resolutions for this year or you decided to go ‘Dry’ in January, to stop smoking, lose weight or improve your career, what daily habits have you…

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Value for Money Image

Are You Getting Value For Money?

“You get what you pay for”. “Buy it right or buy it twice”. We have all heard these phrases and have experienced inexpensive products or services not working as we had hoped. For some clients, price remains the key focus when making fundamental decisions. While this thinking may be correct when applied to goods, when…

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Outsourcing image

The How, Which & Why of Outsourcing for Lawyers

In the increasingly competitive legal industry, law firms are being pressurised into streamlining processes and reducing costs to increase efficiency and keep their profits viable in the long term. Outsourcing certain tasks is the perfect way to achieve this, improving the productivity of your firm and eliminating wasted time and unnecessary expense. With over 2…

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Unfinished business image

Unfinished Business

I woke up early this morning, my head heavy with the memory of last night’s dreams. I must have been tossing and turning for some time, as I felt exhausted. Something was troubling me. Reluctantly, I started delving back into my dream to try and work out what was going on. Strange images swirled in…

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Telecommuting Image

Is Working From Home Better?

Telecommuting work is on the rise and, in the US, the figure climbed up to 37% compared to 30% in the last 10 years and up 4 times from 9% in 1995 according to the survey conducted by Gallup’s Work and Education poll. In the field of law practice, the 2015 ABA TECHREPORT on Virtual…

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How To Boost Your Mood With Food

  We all want to be successful and productive at work but that does not happen when you are feeling low. At Reset Button we believe a balanced diet creates a well-balanced mood and to ensure this happens it’s important to incorporate certain food types into your normal diet. Our brains are naturally tuned into…

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To Juice or Smoothie Image

To Juice or Smoothie…. Part 1-Juices

With the fun of the festive season looming around the already tinsel-lined corner, and the potential for winter chills to sweep through the offices, we are set to explore bringing health and vitality into your day in advance of the new year new you slogans. A common question I hear from clients is should I…

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Thinking Your Way To Building Resilience

I had recently set up business on my own. I had been networking furiously to build awareness that I was open for business. This involved plenty of travel to meet with various contacts, some of whom I hoped would be interested in becoming a client. One day I had set off a little late for…

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Malta Budget 2017 Image

Malta Budget 2017

The budget speech was delivered by Professor Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finance, on 17th October 2016 with the title of ‘Malta: Wealth to reach Everyone’. In fact, while many provisions were made to continue to work towards better investment, tourism capacity and tax incentives, the budget this year was seemingly focused on social measures in…

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Excluded Property Trusts Image

Excluded Property Trusts – Time To Act Now

HM Treasury has recently launched its further consultation on the taxation of non-domiciled individuals, a significant portion of which is dedicated to the taxation of existing non-UK trust structures, in particular those established by non-domiciled individuals (often referred to as ‘excluded property trusts’ or EPTs). The consultation closed on the 20 October 2016 and the…

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You Are (Increasingly!) The Weakest Link… Image

You Are (Increasingly!) The Weakest Link…

With cyber-crime increasing exponentially and attacks becoming more sophisticated and targeted it’s the human factors rather than technology that present the greatest risks… There are now numerous examples of how cyber-criminals are targeting human rather than technical weaknesses, with phishing, whaling and ransomware attacks now becoming common-place and a significant cost to businesses of all…

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Retaining Female Talent Is Easier Than You Think Image

Retaining Female Talent Is Easier Than You Think

I feel angry and frustrated and sad. Yesterday I had lunch with a bright talented woman I met 2 years ago just as she was going on maternity leave for the second time. For the sake of her privacy, let’s call her Lucy. It’s almost a year now, since she went back to work. I…

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Stay Active

How Staying Active Can Benefit Your Work

Finding the time to keep fit while doing a busy, sedentary job is something that many find tricky, if not impossible, to do. However, exercise is easier to build into your routine than you may think. It is all about getting into the habit of doing something every day whether walking/cycling to and from work,…

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How To Make The Perfect Poached Egg

  Ever wondered how restaurants make perfect poached eggs every time? Here’s the secret… You’ll need: eggs (obviously!), coconut oil, cling film and a shallow glass or ramekin. Instructions: Rip off a piece of transparent cling film about 30cm long. Lay it flat on a clean kitchen top. With your clean hands spread coconut oil…

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Portion Size

Portion distortion – tips to beat Supersizing

If you are trying to keep to your new year’s resolution to lose weight, eating too much and giving yourself a supersized portion can make it a challenge to stay on track.  Christmas may be seen as the time when we traditionally eat far too much, but we certainly do not want to make it…

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Knee Pain

Pouring oil on troubled knee!

Like a partner in a long and unhappy marriage, I have suffered from a nagging pain for the last 25 years. But my disability, I am happy to say, is purely physical. Despite all my efforts to maintain fitness and health, through Yoga, sport and sensible eating, I have never been able to shake off…

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Get Lean While You Clean

It’s springtime again, and amidst the tulips and lilacs comes something a little less enjoyable: spring cleaning. Winter gear needs to be stashed, while warm-weather items need to make its grand entrance (finally!). As you get your patio and garage in tip-top shape, you can get some heavy lifting done and get in shape, too.…

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Top 6 Biggest Workout Mistakes

Are you one of the rare lawyers who also manages to be a fitness fanatic and who loves keeping fit, regularly spending hours at the gym but not losing weight or achieving results? Well you could have fallen victim to a common problem that Personal Trainers are seeing more and more regularly – you are…

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life stress

Life Beyond Work – Fitness

Deskbound and desperate? The life of a lawyer is all about being at your desk, sitting down at your computer. Our bodies are simply not designed to spend long periods of time seated, and as a result, our health suffers. It’s an increasing problem, advances in technology mean we don’t need to move around as…

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The Food of Love

I like cooking. I am a fairly good cook. My friends and family are generally very complimentary about the meals they have shared with me. It is not, however, the applause nor the mastering of the skills involved in cooking which gives me pleasure: it is the understanding that the love involved in making a…

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Summer Parents

Be a Natural Parent this Summer

The summer is here and it is a joy to behold the beauty a sunny day creates. Alfresco living is nourishment to the soul. The summer brings its own challenges, from sun burn to bites and stings and cuts and scratches, so check you have what you need in your natural first aid kit. For…

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Almond Cookie Bites Recipe

    This month we have an excellent recipe from Nichola Whitehead of Nics Nutrition for Almond Cookie Bites. They taste amazing, and are made from super healthy ingredients. So get your Nigella head on and get cooking. Ingredients 130g ground almonds (I buy pre-ground!) 2.5 tbsp coconut oil (melted)* 2 tbsp honey/maple syrup/agave nectar…

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8 Powerhouse Foods you should be eating

  These 8 powerhouse foods are filled with nutrients that are very beneficial for your body. Consider adding these foods to your diet to assist in weight loss and add antioxidants, fiber, and omega 3’s – just to name a few benefits. 1. Cruciferous Vegetables Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and…

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5 Eating Habits You Should Break

Some of your daily habits may be hindering your health or weight loss goals. Little things you do throughout the day can either propel you forward or take you back a step, and either way, they add up over time. Consider the following 5 bad habits to determine whether a few easy changes will help…

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sun in hands

Reiki: Be Humble…

Be humble… Humbleness is used in so many phrases – humble apologies, humbly accepting a gift, or being a humble servant, but what is it to be truly humble? In modern society, it is generally considered that humble people are meek, have low confidence and are too easy going. In reality, this is really not…

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Life Beyond Work – Nutrition

  Are you under pressure to work through lunch? Or eating out with clients at restaurants? Today’s era of end-to-end work, results in unhealthy lifestyles where poor nutrition and high stress combine to form unhealthy lawyers. If you find frequent sickness and exhaustion has become common or you find the weight piling on, you need…

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healthy food

Healthy Food = Healthy Firm

If you don’t make time for health, then illness will make time for you later. Health is often put at the bottom of the priority list, however it drives every aspect of our lives, both work and play. Eating a well-balanced diet in integral to maintaining health and has been shown to boost concentration, improve…

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healthy food

Top 20 Hunger Busting Foods

Eggs: Rich in protein and unsaturated fats, an egg-based breakfast can easily keep you full until lunchtime. Tip: They are no longer seen as a danger to your cholesterol levels so ‘an egg a day is ok’. Oats: A bowl of oatmeal or porridge is a perfect choice anytime. Oats are high in fibre and…

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Yes you can

Improve Your Motivation

Now holidays are over and the new school year started it is the perfect time to take stock and make some adjustments. After a period away from work becoming motivated again is often difficult. To help the team at The Reset Button have devised a useful action plan. 1. Stop Expecting Miracles Aim for small…

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Make It British – Talking Jewellery with David Law

With the launch of our new Fine Jewellery & Watches category in our directory, we chatted to David Law about his history in the jewellery trade, and why British and bespoke are best. David, can you tell us when you launchedDavid Law Your Personal Jeweller and give us some details about your background? During 2008,…

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Reiki and Worry…

“Do not worry!” Worry is something that is more often there. It is a thought (or multiple thoughts) that go over and over in the mind. It is a form of mind chatter that eats away at confidence and draining energy. When you worry constantly, you are drawing attention to a negative aspect of your…

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Time Is The Real Luxury Asset

Every era in history has pros and cons. Many people will argue a simpler life with no technology lends to great happiness. Some people say an agrarian society slowed the pace of life and focused on the importance of family. Life 100 years ago promoted more physical activity outside. Every era could potentially be seen…

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Is Your Lack Of Confidence Holding You Back?

Lack of confidence may not be something that is usually linked with lawyers. However, there are many reasons and ways in which confidence can be knocked and even when you are confident in one area of your life, there may be other situations where you feel uncertain. Confidence can be fluid so there may be…

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Stress and frustration

Are You Letting Ambition Get The Better Of You?

Ambition often brings some tricky traits with it that you have to be mindful of. 1. Perfectionism. Many ambitious types are also big perfectionists. While this is good in many ways – attention to detail can drive success – it can also frequently hold people back. The fear of something not being quite good enough…

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london logo 2016 dates

Wellbeing At Work Event 2016

The Wellbeing at Work Event returns to central London on 19 October 2016 where over 150 HR professionals, business leaders and consultants will attend to hear from leading speakers who have made successful change in their workplace. A limited number of early bird discounted tickets are available online at Confirmed speakers at the event…

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When It Comes To Relationships, Are You a Parent, Adult or Child?

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 (16-22 May) was ‘Relationships’, as it is recognised that an important factor in promoting mental wellbeing is a good support network of family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. However, on the flip side, those relationships can equally be a factor in poor mental health, and this is…

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Reiki and Anger….

“Do not anger…..” – Why would there be spiritual wisdom in telling us not to get angry? It is difficult holding anger in, and if you have tried it, you will know that it can negatively affect your whole day. You taint everything with the moment that rubbed you up the wrong way, but why?…

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De-Stress Tips

Stress itself is a naturally occurring state and it has good reason to exist. It pumps adrenalin around the body when we need it most: it helps us to be quick thinking and have fast reactions. Many of us report to work better when we are under stress. Stress isn’t something we should be too…

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Lessons From Your Younger Self

Who do you see staring back at you from across the years, and what lessons can you learn from them that will serve you today? Take a minute to think back in time and remember your younger self. Who do you see and what can you learn from them? These are questions I found myself…

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Science Girls

Science Isn’t Just For Boys!

I felt somewhat depressed reading a recent article in the Independent on the findings from a research survey of graduates and university teachers, which found that women are still deterred from careers in science and engineering. The article describes the misconception that success in these careers stems from some kind of intangible, innate ‘unschooled genius’.…

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The Evolution of Anxiety

Life can be stressful (particularly when working in the legal sector) and from time to time we may all feel worried, nervous or tense but when these feelings become prolonged then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. What is anxiety? Anxiety is an umbrella term which can cover a number of different conditions…

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Bravery, Not Perfectionism

Bravery, not perfectionism. Blackheath High girls are taught to tackle life’s challenges head on. We will all experience failure in some area of our lives, but for teenage girls, dealing with the emotions associated with ‘failure’ can be a challenging time. It can be tempting to protect our daughters and pupils from these setbacks, fearful…

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What is Reiki?

What is it anyone wants more than anything else on Earth? “A fast car, a big house, private schooling for my children, that is why I work so hard.” Think again. What is it YOU want? Health, happiness, wealth, love, someone to share with you? Let me share a secret with you, what everyone really…

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The Only Constant Is Change

Change is something that happens to us all at various stages in our lives. In the workplace, we change jobs, move teams, take on new work, learn new technology, go through mergers and acquisitions, it’s unavoidable. Change is something that happens to us all at various stages in our lives. In the workplace, we change…

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The Secret To Staying Motivated And Achieving Your Goals

Do you set yourself a target to lose weight but soon lose interest once the daily exercise regimen becomes a chore? A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business provides an intriguing insight into how we can all stay motivated to achieve…

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The Power of a Positive Statement

It’s easy to forget who you are, where you’ve been and how much you’ve been through to get where you are today. A Confidence Affirmation is the perfect antidote. “Remember who you are” booms the deep resonant voice of Mufasa’s ghost from the heavens. He is talking to his lost confused son Simba, a.k.a. the…

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Getting Through The New Year Blues

The Christmas decorations have been taken down, your relatives have (finally) gone home, it’s time to go back to work , and your bank balance is looking very sorry for itself – it’s no wonder that you’ve got a case of the “post-Christmas blues”. However there are things that you can do to lift your mood…

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Thinking of Holidaying in 2016? Think Aruba

Benefiting from year-round sunshine, an average temperature of 32 degrees and its location outside the hurricane belt, make Aruba your island this year. Check out what’s news on this Dutch Caribbean island for 2016. Packed Diary of Events for 2016 Aruba has unveiled a packed diary of events for 2016 with fun, cultural, sporting and…

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Balance is a Mindset

If you want to achieve the right balance between your life and career, you have to know what “balance” really means to you and you have to believe that it is possible, regardless of the hours you work and the job you do. In this extract from the book, Baby Proof Your Career: The Secret…

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Dealing with Depression

“I feel depressed” “I’m low” “I’m down in the dumps” “I’ve got the blues” We may all describe feeling this way from time to time when dealing with life’s ups and downs but if you are feeling the same way for weeks on end or these symptoms come and go on a regular basis then…

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Test Drive: Lexus NX 300h

Benfield blogger and copywriter Chris Knox gets behind the wheel of Lexus’ crossover SUV. Let’s get one thing straight from the off. This Lexus NX 300h is dope. Not my words, but most likely the words of Mr, who is a big fan of the car and is plastered over much of the publicity…

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When Things Go Bump In The Night…

October is here and Halloween is being marketed in every high street store you can imagine. Fright night events are scheduled, and the sweet bins are being loaded to prepare you for the trick or treaters. Halloween is looked at as a time for some scary fun, but not everyone finds scary funny.  Here are…

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Mental Health

Dignity In Mental Health

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October every year with the objective of raising awareness around mental health issues and the theme for this year is “Dignity in mental health”. The statistics suggest that one in four people will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life yet there can…

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Surviving The Post-Holiday Blues

The summer holidays have come and gone and, for most of us that well-earned break has been taken. But once you are back in the office, your holiday can soon become a distant memory. So how can you overcome the ‘post-holiday blues’? 1. Give yourself time to adjust Accept that it may be normal to…

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Lexus: The King of Cool

It’s been an exciting year for Lexus with a number of headline grabbing new car launches that have cemented the brand’s appeal among the glitterati. The likes of Missy Elliot, Coolio, TLC, Ludacris, Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and even the mighty Jay Z have all rapped about owning, driving or making out in a…

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Hipster Coffee

Does Hipster Coffee Lead to an Extraordinary Life?

This morning, like most, I got up, stretched, got the coffee going, let the dog out, looked out across the mountain valley, poured my “not hipster” coffee and then checked my email.   It’s a routine, a ritual, an ordinary morning. I’m an early riser. I love my morning rituals. I honor them. They ground…

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9 Easy Decisions to Improve your Balance Today

Don’t forget the small stuff. When your life is out of balance, focusing on the small decisions you make each day is enough to get you out of your rut and back in control. By the time Marta came to me she’d had enough. Her work life balance had been out of kilter for what…

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Keeping Positive Is Good For Your Long Term Health

If you stay calm and maintain a positive, cheerful mood in face of the minor stresses of everyday life, you reduce the risk of cancer, obesity and heart disease, according to new research by Pennsylvania State University in the US.   Researchers discovered that those people who were unable to stay in a positive state…

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A Bucket List is Not Mindfulness

It seems a fad to have a Bucket List. You know. That list of things you want to do, indeed, must do, before you die. There are books called “100 Things To Do Before You Die”, “1000 Place To See Before You Die” (apparently different from the book “1000 Places to See In the USA…

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standing crowd

The Insider’s Guide to Finding the Right Counsellor

Given that mental health is not something that is commonly discussed in the legal world it is unlikely that you will hear recommendations about good counsellors from colleagues. So how do you go about finding a counsellor? It may sound obvious but the first thing is to check whether the counsellor is qualified because anyone…

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Confessions of a Zen Lawyer: Drive Your Own Car

I can’t tell you how often in my life I have instructed other drivers in the error of their ways from the high and mighty vantage point of my car. From turn signals to stop signs, from speeding to not speeding, others rarely drive how I would wish them to do. “Traffic would flow so…

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Social Life

Lawyers: Your Social Life!

This is the fourth in a series of articles to help you focus on different areas of your life and to inspire and motivate you to make a change in one or more areas. How much time do you spend having fun and socialising? • Are you spending most of your weekend catching up on work…

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Good Grief

As I mentioned in my last article, as a counsellor I am used to talking about death particularly in relation to bereavement. There is a vast amount of literature on this topic and it would not be possible to summarise it all here but I thought it may be useful to share some of the…

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Let’s talk about……..death

It’s not something that we talk about every day, in fact it can be a taboo subject, but this is what we have been encouraged to do as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week (18-24 May 2015).   As lawyers, you may not come across death as part of your working life unless you deal…

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Confessions of a Mindful Lawyer

“You can observe a lot just by watching” – Yogi Berra Mindfulness For All You Skeptical Lawyers – Apparently, there are a lot of you. You mindfulness skeptics.   Probably not surprising that there would be skeptics about a technique called mindfulness meditation that pretty much involves doing “nothing” for 20 or so minutes each and…

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Mindfulness Over Matter

The results of a recent study published in the in The Lancet last week, comparing the use of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with conventional drug treatment for recurring severe depressive episodes, recognised the equal value of physiological therapies (specifically MBCT) when compared to drug treatment for depression. (PREVENT was a randomised controlled trial examining…

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No more Miss Nice Girl

Nice girls are stressed and overwhelmed. If you want better balance, perhaps it’s time to say “No” more often. Perhaps the biggest discovery I’ve made in my life and career is also the most obvious: By saying “no” to most things that cross my desk or kitchen table, I’m focused, more productive and am rarely…

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Living and Working with Stress

Stress is increasingly becoming an accepted part of everyday life. But stress can damage our physical and mental health and needs to be identified and managed. Stress can reveal itself in many different ways: We may feel impatient, angry or agitated because our FIGHT stress response has been triggered. This may make us feel heated,…

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Being a Natural Parent – Part 3

After a long damp winter, an overindulgent Christmas, and an aversion to vitality boosting salads, it is the time of year where we continue to indulge in comfort foods….. but do take a moment and consider your actions – this is also the time of year for coughs and sneezes! The usual comfort foods of…

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job stress

Beware the False Part Time

For some who have tried it, working part time turned out to be nothing but a fiction. Does this mean there’s no hope for the returning mother, the conscientious father, or the lawyer seeking a bigger slice of life?   All work and no play If there’s one question that unites most lawyers, it’s how…

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slow down

Slow Down To Speed Up

We’re all under increasing pressure to achieve more in less time. But working harder and faster isn’t always the answer. Not everybody dreams. Or rather, not everyone is aware they do, which is pretty much the same as not dreaming at all. I’m one of those people that dreams quite vividly, on quite a regular…

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Being A Natural Parent – Part 2

When you start planning your pregnancy, you have all sorts of ideal visions in your mind, one of them being your babies sleep patterns. Now whilst some mamas are born with natural sleepers – not everyone is blessed with the luck of a good amount of shut eye. So what do you do? Well there…

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Natural Parents

Being A Natural Parent – Part One

From the moment our babies are conceived they are precious. Then we have the joy of meeting them and enjoying the first time they reach out and hold our little finger. They are so fine and delicate and their nails so tiny. Yet despite their miniature proportions, those nails can create quite a scratch. When…

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Mindfulness courses can help reduce stress

According to Dawn Querstret and Professor Mark Cropley from Surrey University, Mindfulness has been shown to reduce both work related stress and fatigue through short 2 hour per week online programmes. The study looked at how a 4 week Mindfulness stress reduction online course affected the fatigue and stress levels of the 127 participants who…

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Weekends can be long if you know how to use them

I’ve never been on Instagram. Until recently, that is. I promise you it wasn’t intentional. I accidentally clicked on a link at the bottom of a blog I was reading, and there I was, looking at Mark Bustos’s Instagram page. And it caught my attention. If it hadn’t have been the weekend I don’t think…

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ladies gym

Developing Integrity

This January I have had the pleasure (and sometimes the pain) of reading articles, blogs and posts concerned with New Year’s Resolutions either directly or in general terms. Is everyone on a diet? The aim seems to be to ‘Spring Clean’ or ‘Start Afresh’ and whilst I have no objection to this sort of thing…

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Wellbeing On The Agenda. Part 2.

Wellbeing On The Agenda. Part 2. The recently published ‘Wellbeing in four policy areas, Report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics, September 2014’ advocates the importance of wellbeing and implementation of wellbeing for the nation, for economic national benefit. Four key policy areas have been the focus of the report: Labour market policy,…

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The First Steps to Mindfulness.

Bringing mindfulness into ones daily life is a challenge which many of us would not be prepared to countenance because of our busy schedules but the importance of recognising ones place in the universe is immeasurable. Mindfulness brings a sense of perspective, allowing us to notice what we have and feel grateful. Small changes are…

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walk towards wellbeing

Walking towards Wellbeing

Time in the countryside, getting out into the open, is more beneficial than just the physical exercise undertaken. Whatever your age, sex or profession the benefits are there to be reaped for free. A walk before work can be a great opportunity to plan your priorities for the day ahead. There is quiet time to…

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Working With Stress

Law is one of the toughest professions with one of the highest rates of stress of any sector. Amanda Noble-Simmons acknowledged the need to do something about stress for legal professionals; with a 2012 Law Society survey finding that ‘95% of respondents reported negative stress in their working lives.’ Lifestyles4Lawyers was set up in 2012…

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work environment

What Colour Is Your Future?

Today I completed a quick quiz from PwC The Future Of Work: Three Worlds. The results were what one would expect from a slightly ‘alternative’ member of the Lifestyles4Lawyers team who works from home… The results are as follows: ‘You will work for an organisation whose values mirror you own: You belong in the Green World…

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Legal Notices

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE ATTENTION: This legal notice applies to the entire contents of the Website under the domain name (‘the Website’) and to any correspondence by e-mail between us and you. Please read these terms carefully before using the Website. Using the Website indicates that you accept these terms regardless of whether or not…

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Is ‘The Happy Movie’ on the Money?

As bosses around the world are being urged to rethink large bonuses, they might console themselves with a documentary film called ‘Happy’ which has been recently released on DVD. One of its findings is that vast wealth is not guaranteed to give you a permanent smile. However, I believe the link between salary and happiness…

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happiness flower

Believe in Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is something we all strive for, but surprisingly many of us fail to make time to think about what this really means. If you are not happy, and are not actively pursuing happiness, it may be because you don’t truly believe that you can be happy? One of the main qualities in…

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Wellbeing at work

Life Beyond Work – Wellbeing

      According to recent figures, Britons spend more time toiling than ever. The promise of the work-life balance seems to have all but gone out of the window. Perhaps even more so, for the average lawyer. The working week in the UK is now three hours longer than the European average, according to…

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Wellbeing (1)

The Importance of Human Maintenance

      How often do you put fuel in your car? How often do you service your car? Would you expect it to run forever when you put in the wrong type of fuel and neglected its upkeep? How often do you put fuel in your car? How often do you service your car?…

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A Break?…or an Escape?

      This summer, are you looking forward to a break…or an escape? May heralds a plethora of public holidays and summer vacations. Whether you see these as a nice break or a welcome escape speaks volumes about your happiness at work.  If you’re not concerned about happiness at work, then you should be.…

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Believe in Happiness

      The pursuit of happiness is something we all strive for, but surprisingly many of us fail to make time to think about what this really means. If you are not happy, and are not actively pursuing happiness, it may be because you don’t truly believe that you can be happy? One of the…

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Is your Firm ‘Family Happy’?

            Most of us would wish to have a happy family environment. Who needs shouting, screaming and arguments? A peaceful and contented atmosphere is just common sense. So if it works for the family at home, should the same not be said of your firm? It’s a funny thing that…

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Forensic accountants: pack light, leave no stone unturned

You have probably never asked yourself “where can I find a forensic accountant?”. But it may surprise you to know that you don’t have to be in any sort of trouble to need one. You won’t necessarily engage one as a defensive manoeuvre at all. You might find that the time to engage one is before…

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Expat Pensions & Divorce

If you have a client that has left the UK to live in another country, no doubt they will accept that its laws will apply to their day to day life. Often the complexities of foreign property purchase laws are their first introduction to its legal system. However, they may not necessarily expect local rules…

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Bank On The Rock

Monkeys… that’s the usual thing that springs to mind when you mention The Rock of Gibraltar to most people in the UK… and the amusing antics of the 300 Macques are certainly a tourist attraction, but the Macques are not what brings business to Gibraltar – it’s the 10% Corporation tax rate introduced in January…

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Gibraltar: The Alternative Funds Jurisdiction

The significant global expansion in the Funds Sector has exerted considerable pressure on established Fund centres. Gibraltar has been proactive in attracting Fund business by enacting specific legislation for the setting up of Funds quickly whilst maintaining high professional and regulatory standards. Gibraltar has a high quality infrastructure in that it has major international banks,…

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Gibraltar High Net Worth Individuals Residency Changes…

Only two things in life are certain, death and taxes…How often have we heard this saying before? Well in Gibraltar since 1992 the High Net Worth (“Category 2”) Individual has not had to worry about taxes. For over 20 years individuals have been relocating to Gibraltar to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, cuisine and way of…

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Malta funds image

Malta: When It Comes To Funds, Why Choose Anywhere Else?

Malta’s accession to the European Union in May 2004 has brought with it a growing reputation as a hedge fund domicile of choice. Malta was voted as Europe’s most favoured fund domicile by Hedge Fund Review’s 2013 and 2014 service provider rankings. Flexible regulation, transparency and good governance are just some of Malta’s advantages, as…

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sum of its parts

Malta: Fund Distribution Is The Sum Of Its Parts

Fund distribution plays an enormous role in the success of an investment fund. But what often overlooked elements play an enormous role in successful fund distribution? The answer is fund marketing and fund communications. Strong marketing and communications strategies create strong distribution. Cut distribution open and it bleeds marketing and communications. Most asset managers refer…

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Malta: A Package Deal Catering For Everyone

It is well known that for decades Malta has been a jurisdiction of choice for the shipping community. However, the ongoing changes to the domestic and international legislation have made Malta all the more prominent, even outside the shipping industry. The truth of the matter is that Malta has worked for some time now at…

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Isle of Man: The Final Piece in the Private Client Jigsaw

The Isle of Man continues to be recognised as an international finance centre of excellence, no more recently than during the Professional Advisor International Fund and Product Awards 2015 where they won ‘Best International Finance Centre’, fending off strong competitors like Jersey, Guernsey, Dublin and Luxembourg. Having successfully encouraged diversification of its economy over the…

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Isle of Man weight

The Isle of Man – A Place To Make Things Happen

As a tax neutral domicile the Isle of Man is perfectly situated geographically, fiscally, politically and constitutionally to form part of a structure that wishes to access Europe or indeed any other part of the world. The Isle of Man is what is termed a Crown Dependency and thus has the Queen of England as…

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Immigration To The Isle of Man

With the Isle of Man recently announcing a number of ‘Enterprise Isle’ initiatives to continue to grow the economy and boost inward investment (including the introduction of new tax incentives and changes in financial regulation), there is no better time to become a resident in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is inside…

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Isle of Man

Fund Administration in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man, amongst many other things, is an ideal centre for the administration of niche fund and investment products. The legislation in place offers a wide variety of fund structures around which the most appropriate investment vehicle may be constructed. Moreover, the Island has developed over many years, a robust political and financial…

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office site

Establishing Insurance Companies in Malta

Since Malta joined the European Union (EU) in May 2004, it has become an attractive domicile for establishing an insurance company or an affiliated insurance company. A Maltese insurance undertaking is defined as a company authorised in terms of the Insurance Business Act, whose head office is in Malta, and is entitled to carry on…

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Malta Launches a New Investment Fund Structure – the Notified AIF

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has recently announced the launch of a new framework applicable for notification of Alternative Investment Funds, the Notified AIFs, which will be promoted to qualifying or professional investors. The AIFs falling within the scope of the notification process shall be managed by a full-scope AIFM. The Notified AIF is…

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Isle of Man: Why Are Family Office Services Becoming So Popular?

Family Offices are private wealth management advisory services offered to ultra-high net worth investors to centralise focus and control over family finances, legal, tax and administration issues. It is an outsourced solution to manage the financial and investment affairs of wealthy individuals or families. It works to provide the best solution for building, preserving and…

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aviation world

The Isle of Man’s Unique Position in the Aviation World

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR) continues to show a sustained position in the world of aviation – Abacus considers the reasons for its success and popularity. Since its establishment in 2007, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (“IOMAR”) has experienced significant growth; growth some may consider remarkable given the economic backdrop during the…

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Marquis 63

Yacht and the Isle of Man: A Perfect Combination

A yacht is a significant investment consisting of time, effort and money: placing it in a carefully structured ownership entity can offer a number of benefits, including potential tax and VAT savings. The decision on where to register your yacht will be driven by where and when you intend to use your vessel. Selecting the…

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Financial Services Malta

Choosing Malta as a Financial Services Domicile

Malta, as a small island in the heart of the Mediterranean, has become one of Europe’s most attractive domiciles for companies established in the financial services industry. Malta became a Member State of the European Union in 2004 and a member of the European Monetary Union in 2008 when it adopted the Euro as its…

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It’s Just A Student Loan, Right?

In fact, there are two types of undergraduate loan, explains Phaedra Bird of Crowe Clark Whitehill in the Isle of Man. And from 2019, postgraduates may be paying back debts of their own. It’s potentially a recipe for confusion. Most of us are familiar with the basic idea of student loans. You borrow money at…

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The Investor Due Diligence Process Is Evolving

The due diligence process that funds now face is evolving. Traditionally a fund would feel that it had covered all bases by providing a one-page summary of performance; a pitchbook (usually a PowerPoint presentation) that describes the firm, its investment strategy, principals, performance and terms of the investment; offering memorandum; subscription documents; and a due…

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Notified Alternative Investment Funds: Malta’s novel investment product

During the post-AIFMD era, whereby most jurisdictions seem to have fallen into a regulatory hibernation with reference to funds, Malta has once again proven to be abreast of developments. The Malta Financial Services Authority (‘MFSA’) has recently announced the launch of a new framework applicable for notification of Alternative Investment Funds (the ‘Notified AIFs’) which…

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The Private Hedge Fund Industry in Malta

Malta is fast becoming a significantly important financial centre within the European Union. A long history of fiscal and investment incentives for foreigners wishing to set up shop in Malta have led to a very attractive package for both investors as well as for non-residents wishing to use Malta in their international tax planning structures.…

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Fear Fintech? Embrace Fintech

The fintech scene is booming. Berlin, London, Silicon Valley and New York City-based fintech start-ups are disrupting the traditional financial services industry. These innovators are garnering incredible amounts of investment: 2014 witnessed $12.2 billion worth of investment in fintech ventures and 2015 numbers are set to show more than $20 billion. The fintech sector is…

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Second Citizenship – Is the Isle of Man an Option?

Second citizenship programmes can now be found in many different jurisdictions; they started in the Caribbean in the seventies to boost local economies and provided clients with visa free travel to certain countries. Citizenship programmes have evolved and spread across the globe, the Caribbean islands compete with each other and more recently with some Pacific…

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VAT On Greek Yacht Charters Increased From 1 June 2016

As of 1 June 2016, Greece introduced a 1% hike in VAT. This increase saw the standard rate of VAT go from 23% to 24%. The rise is expected to generate between €400m and €500m, and will help meet a gap in the 2017-18 budget forecast. It will also help avoid a potential VAT rise…

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Lessons From Not Taking Tax Advice

As the ancient Greek and Latin fables tell, life and law teach us important lessons. The ancients would call those lessons ‘morals’, meaning a series of behavioural models typical of certain social contexts, achieved by pursuing an honest rules-based conduct. In Latin, Mos-moris, or morality, refers to behaviour, manner, character, habit. ‘Moral’ means what is…

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Gibraltar Budget 2016

The Key Economic Highlights for Businesses & Individuals In his first budget address since the EU referendum result, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo set out what he described as “a budget designed with prudence in mind”, with a view to providing “a continued level of prosperity to all sectors of the community”, stimulating new business, and…

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Insurance Brokers in Malta

The Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) handles the registration and enrolment of insurance intermediaries including insurance brokers. The carrying out of insurance intermediaries activities is regulated under the Insurance Intermediaries Act, 2006 (the “Act”). Once the MFSA has issued its licence, the insurance brokerage companies would be enrolled in the MFSA “Brokers List”. The MFSA…

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What Does The Base Rate Cut Mean For SMEs?

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sets monetary policy in an aim to meet the 2% inflation target, and of course in a way that helps to sustain economic growth. As we’re aware at the August meeting, the MPC voted for a package of measures designed to provide additional support to growth, one…

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What You Need To Know About Malta’s Notified Alternative Investment Funds

The Malta Financial Services Authority (‘MFSA’) has launched the Notified Alternative Investment Funds (‘NAIFs’) regime through the Investment Services Act (List of Notified AIFs) Regulations (the ‘Regulations’) thereby setting the scene for fund promoters to launch AIFs through Malta via a light touch notification procedure without the need of going through a full licensing process.…

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door knob

Gibraltar’s Excluded Property Trust

An Excluded Property Trust is brought into being by a valid and legally binding Trust arrangement (“Deed of Settlement”) by which a person, not domiciled in the UK (or UK deemed domicile), is able to protect overseas assets from a future UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability should that person become domiciled or deemed domiciled in…

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HM Revenue and Customs, Whitehall, London, England, UK

HMRC’s Further Clarification On Non-Dom Reforms

On Friday 19th August, the UK HMRC released an updated consultation document, which confirmed that the proposed changes to the taxation of non-dom individuals announced at the Summer Budget 2015 are going ahead. The document confirmed that all UK residential property will fall within the scope of UK inheritance tax from 6 April 2017. The…

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How To Protect Your Company Profit

Every company that imports and agrees a price on an order for future delivery is going to be exposed to currency exchange rate changes. Usually the case will be that you’ll have to pay the factory a deposit so they can start manufacturing the product and when manufacturing is complete, the balance will need to…

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The Benefits of Selecting an ICAV Structure

The Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) provides a flexible corporate structure which can be used to establish both UCITS and alternative investment funds. ICAV attracted EUR8.4bn to Irish funds in its first 12 months of existence, becoming the Irish fund vehicle of choice in both the retail and professional investor sectors. The success of the…

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Why Would You Choose A Second Citizenship?

While it may once have been the domain of brave and glamorous spies looking to make a quick getaway with suitcases stashed with cash and multiple passports, these days it isn’t secret agents who are longing for a second start in a foreign land, but instead a growing tide of ‘economic citizens’. It’s estimated that…

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Proposal For Amending 4AMLD Vis-à-Vis The Common Reporting Standard

  Even though the EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU 849/2015) ‘on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing’ (hereinafter referred to ‘4AMLD’) has only recently hatched from its legislative egg, the European Institutions and the Member States’ governments agreed, in the aftermath of…

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Are There Really Lawyers Like Saul Out There?

This tongue in cheek article asks if there are really Lawyers like Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman out there? Many lawyers will admit to knowing someone like Saul Goodman, the fictional criminal lawyer with stellar yet suspect negotiating skills and questionable ethics on the American television series Breaking Bad. They just don’t want to admit that…

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law photo

Tort Law in Australia

A tort could be described as a ‘wrongdoing’, where an individual suffers a wrong or an injury, and takes the matter to the courts to obtain redress or compensation. There is a distinction between a crime and a tort, in that a tort happens to be the individual and isn’t necessarily illegal, but causes that…

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Want a motivated Lawyer? Try a compliment sandwich.

Lawyers want to do interesting work, secure a good salary and earn recognition for their contributions. But motivating them takes more than a good salary and an occasional “thank-you. Lawyers want to do interesting work, secure a good salary and earn recognition for their contributions. But motivating them takes more than a good salary and…

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Last Will and Testament

Are DIY Wills a good idea?

Thinking about writing a Will can be depressing, because no one wants to contemplate the day when they will pass away and leave behind their friends, family and children.. Thinking about writing a Will can be depressing, because no one wants to contemplate the day when they will pass away and leave behind their friends,…

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Writing More Effective emails

Email is intended as a quick and efficient way of communicating.  Consider the following email etiquette guidelines when writing your emails to make them more effective. Be concise and to the point, don’t write long, wordy emails.  Keep it to 1-2 screens of text – or put the information in          …

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Emails Do’s and Don’ts

We all know how much time email eats into the working day.  It can take up to 40% of your time and it’s often one of the most frequently discussed challenges people face. While it’s difficult to entirely avoid email, here are few ideas to create a more professional and efficient email process that can…

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Lawyers Email Overload

Are you deluged with email?  Is your Inbox full of emails you never get time to read? The volume of email is becoming a big problem these days. 2 million emails are sent every second. 62% of us check work emails when we’re at home or on holiday! A third of office workers suffer from…

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Law in the 21st century: Am I a lawyer or a salesperson?

In this ever changing world, our clients’ demands are changing and so are our roles as lawyers.Once upon a time, clients deferred to our greater knowledge and came to us because we helped meet a need or solve a problem and once they were a client, they were a client for life. However, clients’ expectations…

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The Colour Works’ Triathlon Challenge

Whoever put “fun” and “triathlon” in one sentence must be either a sadist or not have a grasp of the English language! This was my belief up until recently. Last year The Colour Works was challenged with completing a triathlon. Six of us took the bait and entered the Stratford 2014 Fun Triathlon which was…

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Lawyers-Manage your meetings

How to manage your meetings As a legal professional, meetings are an important part of your working week. Manage your meetings and you’ll be managing your time better. You don’t have to attend every meeting you get invited to and you need to make sure you value the ones that you do. Are you the…

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Turn rejection into rainmaking

Losing an existing client or failing to win a new one is incredibly frustrating and can sometimes leave you feeling baffled. Whether it is a multi-million pound joint venture or a small house purchase, every lawyer spends time perfecting their pitch, letting the client know why their firm can do the job better than anyone…

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Finding Time For Your Family

Many of the people I work with, including those in the legal profession, often have one goal in mind – to spend more time with their children. That’s one of the reasons they work long hours, so that they can earn a good income and live a particular lifestyle. However, because they work such long…

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Looking to make a career move?

Recently, Lifestyles4Lawyers launched its Legal Jobs board and, as part of this new feature of the site, we will have regular contributions from our partnering recruitment consultants and other experts in this field to guide you through the maze that is your career. To kick things off, we are looking at tips for job hunting:…

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Salary rise

Why you deserve a pay rise – and what to do about it (Part 1)

It’s the subject matter we are all so afraid to bring up. So much so that, in our minds, we argue that our employers should offer up the pay rise without us having to ask, and if they don’t, they clearly don’t value us, so we’ll go looking for another job. Ever think like that?…

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

At Lifestyles4Lawyers, we promote a healthy work-life balance.  But what does work-life balance actually mean?  Are we proposing that lawyers should stop working at 5.30pm weekdays and never work beyond set hours?  No, of course not. As people who have worked in the legal industry, we at Lifestyles4Lawyers know that it is not possible to make that…

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How’s Your Work Life Balance?

Do you ever feel that your work life balance is slightly out of kilter? Are you spending more time at work than you’d like? Perhaps you’ve realised that your working day has become extended longer and longer and you often find you’re working late into the evening or at weekends. If you think parts of…

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delegate teamwork

How you can be more productive

If you want to work more productively you need to recognise what you’re good at and what someone else could do better and more effectively than you. You might think that you don’t have anyone else to delegate to or you can’t afford to employ someone else but think again. If someone else can do…

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Say No More Often!

Even in the legal profession – saying “No” more often can be useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re taking on too much or your clients are just too demanding. If you want to use your time more effectively or just get through the day with less stress, it’s key to your success. Initially you might…

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Do Lawyers Need To Become All-Rounders To Breed Client Loyalty?

In an age when clients want their lawyers to be advisers, both on a personal and business level, beyond the job at hand, and where there is enough choice for clients to ‘shop around’, how do lawyers ensure that they keep hold of their best clients for the long-term? The problem is that most lawyers…

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How Much Time Do Interruptions Cost You?

It’s hard to get through a day without getting distracted by something or someone. In this 24/7 world we are constantly bombarded by information and demands for our time and attention from multiple sources. You could be losing up to two hours a day if you’re constantly being interrupted. How does this impact what you’re…

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Effective Leaders Always Understand the Perspective of their Audience

Recent research published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal demonstrates that leaders who fail to understand the perspective of their audience are more likely to fail in their efforts to deal with problems and difficult situations. Adam Galinsky, the Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business Management at Columbia Business School, who conducted the…

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career change

7 key steps to making a career change

We spend approximately 50% of our waking hours at work. If you love what you do, the happier you can be with other areas of your life. If your work is getting you down or you find you’re just living to work, you might want to think about trying something different.   Here are a…

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