Make Yourself a Great Candidate

Make Yourself a Great Candidate

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Make Yourself a Great Candidate


I love it here at Temporis and this is because I’ve got 3 great Cs! These are Clients, Candidates and Colleagues. But what makes a great candidate I hear you ask? I thought I’d take this opportunity to illustrate my top tips as to what I believe makes a good permanent candidate.

Sell yourself

When preparing your CV for a position, think about what it is the employer will be looking for and really tailor your CV for that position. What relevant and transferable skills have you developed which are applicable for the role? Your covering letter is also a great opportunity to demonstrate why you are an excellent candidate for the role and why you would like to work for the firm. A tailored covering letter and CV will really set you apart from the competition.

What are you looking for in a new opportunity?

This is often a more difficult question than you may initially have thought and it stems from why you are looking to leave your current position. Often it’s not just one reason but can be a combination of multiple factors. Location? Salary? Quality of work? Working environment? Once you pinpoint what it is you’re looking for it makes it much easier to determine which role and firm is most suited to you.

Be honest with yourself

It’s crucial to be honest with yourself when you’re job hunting. Is a four hour round trip really sustainable? Can you honestly take a 30% pay cut? Are you committed to leaving your current role? These are all things you should be discussing with your consultant and should hopefully have thought about prior to your search. Interviews should hopefully follow applications and the chances are you will need to take some time off work to attend an interview.

Keep your options open

If you have more than one interview lined up – brilliant! Do keep your options open though and don’t refuse to attend an interview for a role that you were previously interested in because you have an offer elsewhere. It goes back to the old saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ By attending all of your interviews it gives you the opportunity to explore each option and decide which firm is the best fit for you. Remember, interviews are a two way process.

Be honest with your agent

If you’re having second thoughts about an interview, be honest with your consultant. If the commute isn’t sustainable on a daily basis or there’s an aspect of the role you’re not sure about, have a chat with your consultant. Whilst I would always encourage candidates to attend an interview to find out more about a role, it’s better to know from the beginning if you’re not committed. Having said that…

Attend your interview

If you have committed to attend an interview we would always advise you to follow that commitment through. If a candidate cancels their interview 45 minutes prior to when they are supposed to be there, it doesn’t reflect well upon the candidate. While this may not affect you in the short term, it may

have a detrimental effect if you wish to apply to firm again in the future. If you’re running late to your interview, let your consultant know and they can let the client know. It was once put to me that it was better to just not show up to an interview rather than be late. I disagree with this and would always advise to attend an interview. Interviewing experience is invaluable.

Your consultant has a dual role

While your consultant will always do what’s best for you and will honour your request, your consultant does have a commitment to the client. If you took the agency out of it, would you email the client on the day of your interview cancelling without a good reason? Treat your consultant how you would treat your client. Responding to calls and emails within appropriate timescales will really demonstrate your commitment to a role.

Ultimately, we are consultants and we’re here to help you find the role you want. We study market trends and are well placed to advise you on the market and consequently we know how to manage your job search. Looking for a new opportunity can be a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be. For a confidential chat about your career, please give us a call. Your perfect opportunity might be nearer than you think.


Viki Jones (Temporis Recruitment)

Viki Jones (Temporis Recruitment)

Viki studied the M Law (Exempting) degree at Northumbria University and graduated with a First Class degree in 2013. During her time at University she was awarded a Scholarship and worked with a highly regarded law firm in Singapore. Upon leaving University, Viki commenced her recruitment career at a legal recruiter, initially as a Resourcer before progressing to Consultant specialising in permanent recruitment. She is now a Senior Consultant heading up our Permanent division, placing legal professionals from Assistants through to Senior Partners into law firms throughout the country. Viki’s interests include (attempting) to go to the gym, city breaks abroad and her beloved pug Henry.

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