Mindfulness courses can help reduce stress

Mindfulness courses can help reduce stress

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Mindfulness courses can help reduce stress


According to Dawn Querstret and Professor Mark Cropley from Surrey University, Mindfulness has been shown to reduce both work related stress and fatigue through short 2 hour per week online programmes.

The study looked at how a 4 week Mindfulness stress reduction online course affected the fatigue and stress levels of the 127 participants who were involved in the research. Stress and fatigue is commonly caused by negative rumination. This is where individuals experience a number of negative emotional thoughts which can impact their work and their sleep patterns.
For businesses, “Affective Rumination,” to call it by its full name, can be highly detrimental to an employee’s performance, along with its related symptoms such as fatigue and higher stress. The Mindfulness course was designed to see if such Rumination could be reduced by any degree.
The results of the study are pretty conclusive. Out of 127 participants in the research, some were randomly selected to be part of the control group to study the effects of the online Mindfulness course in comparison. Measurements were taken at 4 points during the study:
1) Before Treatment
2) After Treatment
3) After 3 Months
4) After 6 Months
The outcome was that those who participated in the Mindfulness online programme had a “significant” positive reaction to the course with lower levels of fatigue, higher sleep quality and a reduction in Affective Rumination. The researchers commented:
“We have found evidence of the causal relationship between how people worry about work and their ability to recover and switch off effectively at the end of the day. Mindfulness helps people to develop awareness of their thoughts and emotions in a positive way helping them make more effective choices and gain over their responses to different situations. Online mindfulness interventions may provide a cost effective way for organisations to improve the health of their employees”
The findings will be presented at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology annual conference in York. The iPerform employee engagement programme has many videos dedicated to Mindfulness practices in a Business context. You can find out more about our employee engagement techniques by signing up for our 30 day free trial now.



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