Be a Natural Parent this Summer

Be a Natural Parent this Summer

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Be a Natural Parent this Summer


The summer is here and it is a joy to behold the beauty a sunny day creates. Alfresco living is nourishment to the soul. The summer brings its own challenges, from sun burn to bites and stings and cuts and scratches, so check you have what you need in your natural first aid kit.

For Sun burn and heat rash

Urtica urens – is a great first aid remedy. Take it as a remedy in a 6c or 30c, repeating 3 or 4 times a day as needed until symptoms improve. Also apply externally as either a diluted tincture to bathe the affected area, or as a cream.

Aloe Vera – this is another great healer for burns, use it externally and keep applying to the affected area. It can also be used as an after sun conditioner.

Lavender oil – this is another great healer for burns, put a couple of drops in water and bath the affected area. If you tolerate essential oils in the bath, then do add a few drops the bath water.

With all external applications, always do a patch test first

Insect stings
There are plenty of insects that enjoy eating in the summer too. Whilst there are many remedies for insect stings, here are a few common first aid remedies to help you on your way.

Wasp stings –arnica 30c
Bee stings – apis 30c, This is especially helpful where the sting site is very red and swollen
Mosquito stings – ledum 30
Jelly-fish stings – Urtica Urens 30c

You may need to repeat these remedies several times, depending upon the severity of the sting.

Cuts and scratches
When your child falls over, homeopathic arnica pillules are a good remedy to give for the shock and soft tissue trauma (such as bruising). If the skin is broken do not apply arnica cream, instead you can wash the area with either sea salt and water, or a little lavender in water. In addition you can either apply a topical calendar and hypericum cream, or give a homeopathic calendula pillule. Depending on the scale of the injury, you may need to repeat the dose a couple of times.

Store your homeopathic remedies away from strong smells and strong light, and keep them in a cool dark place if possible.


Dawn Waterhouse

Dawn Waterhouse

Dawn is a Homeopath, Reiki master and also works with diet and nutrition. Before this, she was an Accountant. Dawn has two lovely natural children ages 10 and 14 who have not received conventional medications. If you would to know more about natural treatments for a wide array of conditions, or attend one of Dawn's popular self-help workshops, please contact Dawn. The legal bit - Disclaimer The contents of this article are intended as an aid for readers to adopt a healthy approach to their health. The article is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and should not be relied upon in this way. Always consult a Medical Doctor, Homeopath or health practitioner. The author cannot take responsibility for illness arising out of failure to seek medical advice.

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