Portion distortion – tips to beat Supersizing

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Portion distortion – tips to beat Supersizing

If you are trying to keep to your new year’s resolution to lose weight, eating too much and giving yourself a supersized portion can make it a challenge to stay on track.  Christmas may be seen as the time when we traditionally eat far too much, but we certainly do not want to make it the norm. You need to pull right back, stay on track and choose and control wisely.


Portion Size


Research published in the journal Society, Biology and Human Affairs confirm that portion sizes have increased dramatically in Britain in the past 20 year – upping the average calorie intake. This report calls for more public information about appropriate portion sizes for different people. Just remember that when you serve you food on the plate it should be quarter protein and quarter of carbohydrate and half vegetables.We need to be taking more responsibility at home. Many of us are using plates that are simply much larger than they used to be and also piling them high with more food, more fat and more calories.


We need to police our own intake and take control, as the drive to increase portion sizes has come from consumers themselves. If a café served up a small portion of cake for the same price as another outlet serving a larger portion, you would not be happy. So this is taking us down the road of portion distortion.

Tips to beat Supersizing

  • At home, eat from a smaller plate so you serve smaller portions and eat less without feeling deprived. (Keep seconds well out of sight)
  • Share snacks with a friend – some of the supersized portions could almost serve three. Or wrap up half in the napkin and take home.
  • Treat yourself to supersized snacks only occasionally (birthdays) – don’t deprive yourself completely or you’re more like to crave unhealthy foods.
  • Get in the habit of checking the calories in snacks – it will help stop you binge eating. ( watch for the sugars and saturated fat)
  • Order two starters when eating out, instead of one giant main course ( if you know the restaurant serves large portions) or
  • Ask for smaller portions or order a child portion. Avoid add-on-side dishes such as bread, chips, and creamy sauces.
  • If you want to be really focused – skip the starter and dessert and just order the main.

Remember it is what we eat most of the time that makes us fat – not what we eat occasionally!

Follow a healthy eating diet, drink plenty of still water or weak squash. Cut out fizzy drink as these are additive and not good for you. Try to exercise at least 3 times a week, or break it down and do 30 minutes most days.

Article written by Sara Taylor, founder of SK Life Fitness

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