What does Personal Growth mean to you?

What does Personal Growth mean to you?

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What does Personal Growth mean to you?


This is the sixth in a series of articles to help you focus on a different aspect of your life and to inspire and motivate you to make a change in one or more areas.

What does Personal Growth mean to you?

• What new skill would you like to learn?

• What activity would you like to try?
• Do you have a habit or behaviour you’d like to change?
• What are you tolerating in your personal life or at work?

There are always aspects of our life we’d like to improve. In your work you probably spend time learning new skills, keeping on top of the latest development in regulations, products or technology but how often do you spend time on your personal development.

Perhaps you’d like to learn a new skill, drop an old habit that is no longer useful to you or develop a new interest. Most of the time you’re too busy rushing around from day to day to think about allowing time for yourself. It can take most of your time and energy just to get through one busy day after another without even trying to consider finding time for something new.

Change is good. As is learning and there’s no such thing as “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. You’re never to old to learn and learning something new or trying something different keeps you young, active and mentally alert.

What’s a better use of your time – watching hours of TV in the evening or doing something to improve your physical or mental well-being? I’m not saying all TV is bad and it can be a good way to switch off and relax but if you say you don’t have time and then spend hours watching TV, perhaps you need to re-think your priorities.


What can you do to improve your Personal Growth this week?

• What new activity or skill would you like to try or learn? Make a list of 10 new activities or skills you’d like to learn.

• What habits, behaviour or way of thinking would you like to change? Think of at least three habits you currently have that annoy or frustrate you or others.

• What three things would enhance your life if you did them differently?

You don’t have to do them all at once. Decide to try or learn at least one new thing this year. Find a course, club or workshop that will give you your new skills and sign-up. Don’t put it off any longer.

Developing new habits or behaviours takes longer than a week but at least become aware of what you do and when you’re doing it. How can you do things differently? Change one habit at a time rather than trying to do too much all at once – change your habits in 91 Days.

This week, pick one thing you’d like to improve.


Clare Evans, Personal and Business Coach

Clare Evans, Personal and Business Coach

Clare specialises in Time Management and Leadership Development applying both business and personal coaching techniques to support, challenge and motivate you to maximise your potential and use your strengths to help you achieve success in your business or career. Her clients include Executives, Business Directors, CEOs and Partners in the Legal and Financial professions.

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