Being Selfishly Healthy. Part One.

Being Selfishly Healthy. Part One.

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Being Selfishly Healthy. Part One.


Are you part of the sandwich generation – ailing parents and children of your own to support?
Turn the clock back 100 years and it would be difficult, today it is extremely tough.

We have created a fast, automated society where things run with a flick of the switch – cleaning the house with robot vacuums, washing up done by invisible hands in a big white box and communication at the touch of a button. But we just don’t fit in to that pace and speed of life as it is today. Old age, slowing down of mental processes, associated illness and disease sets its’ own timing in our parents generation and you will have to fit in with this rather than it fitting in with you which is where the stress, strain and pressure starts.

Before you know it, you are in hospital in the next bed to granny!
First and foremost, if you are the chief carer, you must put yourself first. You are the captain of the ship and if you go down, the ship goes down. Three things to help you are diet, exercise and sleep. If you get this right, you are helping yourself more than you can possibly imagine.
Start with basics, look at your diet. Studies have shown that on average identical twins die 10 years apart. One of the biggest factors that we can control is our diet and what we put down our throats.
The second blog will contain more information on diet and small changes you can make to bring big results. But that requires some thought, planning and awareness and possibly more of a financial commitment. The very first thing you can do, right this minute is to deal with the issue of exercise.
Don’t use the lift at work or if you work in a very tall building, reduce the amount of floors you use the lift for. Walk to the 3rd or 4th floor and then take the lift and build it up. If you are really out of practice and/or overweight, start with one floor for one week and then move, if you feel ready, to tackling 2.
Park further away from the entrance of the car-park at the station if you commute, the entrance of the supermarket. Buy a pedometer and aim to increase the amount of footsteps you take to 10,000 a day. Just start with an increase of 10%. Set the pedometer for one day and see what you normally do and then increase it by 10%. Only you know and can see what you are up to. Start walking up a few of the escalator steps instead of standing all the way. Always check with doctor if concerned or unsure about a new exercise regime.
Find out what the Yogic Sun Salutation is. This will take 5 minutes and stretch every major set of muscles, help with flexibility, joints, circulation and set you up for the day. Not enough time? Get up 5 minutes earlier – go to bed 5 minutes earlier. You are in control and remember, you are a grown-up so you can do what you like.
If you want more help on how to destress or want to check out your stress situation, just take a look at my site,


Paula Ruane, Ruane BioEnergetics

Paula Ruane, Ruane BioEnergetics "rapidly reducing the effects of stress"

Ruane Bioenergetics was pioneered by Paula Ruane, a trained specialist, who works with ground-breaking technology to accurately relieve stress levels. As one of a select group of accredited HeartMath practitioners, Paula customises this world renowned technology to suit each of her clients. By producing quantifiable feedback she is able to monitor progress and set achievable targets that help alleviate stress and increase resilience. During a long and successful career Paula ran her own interior design consultancy and showroom in Chelsea for 10 years. She also achieved significant success the financial services sector having become the highest ever female fee earner at Chase de Vere MM. During her rich and varied career she has seen first-hand the damaging effects of stress on clients and their lives. Her interest, research and study began 25 years ago culminating in the launch of the Ruane BioEnergetics programme in 2009 which has helped many hundreds of individuals and their companies. Using HeartMath’s trademark business training, combined with her own personal style, Paula offers a unique approach to stress management. HeartMath’s programme has been used globally across every professional sector and has helped teams at NASA, St. Barts Hospital, Ford and IBM among others. HeartMath helps empower people with the right tools to help lower stress levels.

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