Being Selfishly Healthy. Part Two.

Being Selfishly Healthy. Part Two.

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Being Selfishly Healthy. Part Two.


Are you part of the sandwich generation – ailing parents and children of your own to support? Turn the clock back 100 years and it would be difficult, today it is extremely tough.

Does your diet support you while you support everyone else?
Learn what labels mean. For example, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is not the same as eating fresh fruit and vegetables. It is an isolated, DNA- laboratory, petro-chemical copy of the naturally occurring vitamin C. When you eat, for example, Kiwi fruit, there are other micro-nutrients which help the body assimilate and metabolise it for maximum benefit.

In today’s day and age we have the invaluable help of search engines to run our own research and make better informed choices.

You will see, for example, that many conventional and old school commentators say that there is no difference in taste between organic and mass produced, chemically sprayed food. In my experience that has not been true but that is not the reason to eat organically.

Organic food contains 29% more anti-oxidants than mass produced, sprayed, genetically fiddled with food and anti-oxidants are your foot soldiers which run around killing off the free radicals (the terrorists!)

Eat more raw greens – “greens” contain chlorophyll and chlorophyll was coined as “living sunshine” by Ann Wigmore who founded the Hippocrates health institute in 1908 after studying traditional methods from Sweden and Lithuania and cured herself (and her cat) of cancer with raw foods and in particular wheat grass juice. The key to this is to source and eat unadulterated greens free of chemicals.

Cut out spreads that contain hydrated fats – email for fact sheet on how they are produced on There is no living organism that I know of that attacks these spreads, no bacteria, insect, bird or animal. That is telling you something.

And you can do this. Small changes, start by eating 20% more organic greens a day. You don’t need to be Einstein; order an organic food box from somewhere reputable like Abel and Cole and have it delivered to your doorstep.

If you want more help on this, contact me via site

Combine this with reduction of refined sugar and processed foods as soon as possible. Don’t snack on crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits, cakes and other almost irresistible little temptations . Instead, have small tomatoes, a few nuts and dried fruit, berries, green apples, kiwi and other green fruits. It is more expensive but worth it and perhaps just needs a bit of prioritising. Do you often have a take-away cappuccino or latte? Think about giving that up and treating your body to fresh insecticide/pesticide free veg instead. Just small changes, 123 and ABC. Try it and see how you feel after a few weeks, not tomorrow or the next day, we are going at your body’s pace not the pharmaceutical Industry’s artificial chemically altering pace.


Paula Ruane, Ruane BioEnergetics

Paula Ruane, Ruane BioEnergetics "rapidly reducing the effects of stress"

Ruane Bioenergetics was pioneered by Paula Ruane, a trained specialist, who works with ground-breaking technology to accurately relieve stress levels. As one of a select group of accredited HeartMath practitioners, Paula customises this world renowned technology to suit each of her clients. By producing quantifiable feedback she is able to monitor progress and set achievable targets that help alleviate stress and increase resilience. During a long and successful career Paula ran her own interior design consultancy and showroom in Chelsea for 10 years. She also achieved significant success the financial services sector having become the highest ever female fee earner at Chase de Vere MM. During her rich and varied career she has seen first-hand the damaging effects of stress on clients and their lives. Her interest, research and study began 25 years ago culminating in the launch of the Ruane BioEnergetics programme in 2009 which has helped many hundreds of individuals and their companies. Using HeartMath’s trademark business training, combined with her own personal style, Paula offers a unique approach to stress management. HeartMath’s programme has been used globally across every professional sector and has helped teams at NASA, St. Barts Hospital, Ford and IBM among others. HeartMath helps empower people with the right tools to help lower stress levels.

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