In just 5 minutes a day, you can perform to partnership with this 8 month programme from iPerform®

iPerform® is a unique, new online performance improvement programme and step by step blueprint for success, that integrates the best Sports practices with proven personal development and business practices. At iPerform we have identified and modelled the key skills and habits of successful, fulfilled people and converted them into Practices that you can learn and apply in everything that you do to improve your performance, results and quality of life.When you join the iPerform programme, you learn transformational strategies from Sports, Business, Motivation and Psychology that will take your performance to the next level and get the results you want.iPerform® is designed and delivered by leaders in sport and business performance and coaching. We have identified the most effective practices that top performers across all fields use and converted them into simple practices, that you can use every day at home and at work to achieve the results that you want right now!The iPerform programme is 8 months long and you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. There is no risk to you because you can try iPerform for 4 weeks, and we offer a full refund if you want to cancel during the first 30 days.iPerform could provide that valuable insight into what makes a great leader, rain-maker and ultimately achieve the road to Partnership quicker and equipped with the right tools and skill set.What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Improve employee performance and results
  • Increase employee engagement and motivation
  • Increase talent retention
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Help employees achieve their professional and personal goals
  • Help employees achieve a better work-life balance
  • Improve communication and team skills
  • Provide essential leadership skills

How does the programme work?

Users learn one of 28 practices every week, with reviews every 5 weeks to ensure that they can repeat and strengthen their new knowledge and skills and convert them into positive habits. Over a period of 8 months, each practice builds on the previous weeks as part of a specific step by step system to deliver higher performance.

Daily Training

With daily training, you can transform your performance day by day in incremental steps, reaching daily goals on your way to achieving your long-term goals.


When you join the programme, we send you short videos, assignments and other resources every day so that you can access them wherever and whenever is best for you. You can watch videos on your PC, laptop, tablet of smartphone, at home, work or commuting.

A bite-sized approach

Rather than long training seminars that last many hours or even days, we provide short, bite-sized training that requires just 5 to 10 minutes per day.


Genuine change is achieved through regular practice. We believe that it is practice that is missing from almost every training programme. Consistent practice and repetition is the key. With iPerform, you can go back to the training whenever you want, again and again, to improve you new skill set through practice.