Change4Life is a fun and easy-to-follow movement which has been set up to help us have a healthier lifestyle.

We think it’s great because it’s all about making small and easy changes to your life that will eventually make a big difference to your families health and happiness. At LawyersInBalance, our sole focus is the same, and so we are delighted to be a National Partner to the Change4Life campaign so that we can help them spread the word.

 What’s all this about?

Modern life means that we’re eating too much and moving too little. If things go on as they are, 9 out of 10 of our children will grow up to have dangerous levels of fat in their bodies. This can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. And of course being over weight can also limit the way we live our lives and the amount of enjoyment we get out of our daily life.

So it’s important that we all … Eat well, move more, live longer

Change4Life is all about helping us make changes that will suit our families – changes that are achievable and not time consuming. That way making changes to the way we eat and the amount we move around won’t be a chore and will hopefully become a normal part of our family routine … so we can reap the long-lasting benefits.

Where shall I start?

Visit the Change4Life website and you’ll find a great starting point for you and your family

Be food smart

How is LawyersInBalance supporting change4life?


As busy working parents ourselves in the legal industry we know just how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle so we’re pleased to get some support from Change4Life to help us make healthy changes more achievable.  Change4Life is not there to tell us what to do (or make us feel guilty for not doing it!) but it does help us by suggesting changes so that we and our families live a healthier life.

Because we think Change4Life is good news for working parents, we are featuring a monthly Change4Life tips section on our newsletter

We’ll also be keeping you up-to-date on Change4Life news and events so do pop back regularly to see what’s new.

Sounds great…what next?

Why not visit the website and join the Change4Life programme today?

LawyersInBalance is in support of Change4Life. In order to maintain a healthy weight we need to both eat better and move more. Many families are making changes that will help them live healthier and longer lives. Visit or call 0300 123 4567 for more information.