Surviving The Post-Holiday Blues

Surviving The Post-Holiday Blues

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Surviving The Post-Holiday Blues


The summer holidays have come and gone and, for most of us that well-earned break has been taken. But once you are back in the office, your holiday can soon become a distant memory. So how can you overcome the ‘post-holiday blues’?

1. Give yourself time to adjust

Accept that it may be normal to feel lower in mood following a holiday and so try to allow a period of transition between getting back from holiday and going back to work, for example, by taking an extra day if possible. If this isn’t an option then ease yourself back into work gently – allow extra time to check the inevitable deluge of emails received in your absence, minimise the number of meetings in the first few days back, prioritize your work and leave on time rather than staying late to “catch up”.

2. Incorporate aspects of your holiday into your everyday life
Technology makes it very easy to “capture” memories and so make time to look back at the photos and videos you took to remind yourself of the good times that you had. It may also be possible to relive some of these experiences by cooking some of the dishes that you tried or finding time to do some of the activities you enjoyed on holiday, such as swimming, playing tennis or simply going out for a meal. There may also have been some things that you did less on holiday, eg. watching television, checking emails and texts and so this could be continued when you are back home – only watch those programmes that really capture your imagination and limit the use of social media (which in turn could make more time for the activities referred to above).

3. Take regular breaks
Try to rationalize your annual leave by taking short breaks throughout the year rather than saving it for one big holiday (although there are some trips that necessitate a longer holiday). On a day-to-day basis try to make use of your lunch break by going out rather than eating at your desk and avoid staying late unless absolutely necessary.

4. Take stock of your life
Occasionally the ‘post-holiday blues’ may be more than just a passing phase and may highlight a difficulty in your life whether at home or work. Allow yourself some time before making any life-changing decisions but do take the opportunity to consider whether there are any aspects of your life that could be improved – maybe it is time to look for a new job.

5. Plan another holiday!
If all else fails then you could try planning your next holiday as this can go a long way to easing those post-holiday blues.

Whatever it is, taking action is most important, so those post-holiday blues don’t stick around for long.

Susan Carr

Susan Carr

Susan Carr Counselling is an integrative counselling service which uses a range of different methods tailored to meet your individual needs. Relationship is at the heart of the counselling process and therefore the values that underpin Susan's approach are empathy, genuineness and acceptance. A former commercial litigation solicitor, Susan is a qualified counsellor with a MA in Counselling from the University of Manchester. She has experience of working in the NHS, dealing with a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, loss and bereavement, low self-confidence and self-esteem, relationship and family issues.

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