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How To Make The Perfect Poached Egg

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Ever wondered how restaurants make perfect poached eggs every time?

Here’s the secret…

You’ll need: eggs (obviously!), coconut oil, cling film and a shallow glass or ramekin.

Rip off a piece of transparent cling film about 30cm long.

Lay it flat on a clean kitchen top.

With your clean hands spread coconut oil on the cling film.

Place cling film over a short glass or ramekin, keeping the oiled side up facing you.

Push the cling film into the short glass or ramekin so there is room to drop the egg into it.

Gently break an egg into the centre.

Lift the corners of the cling film and twist all together carefully, leaving a small air pocket with the egg.

Tie a knot in the cling film so that it is air tight around the egg.

You can do this in preparation the previous night, or use it straight away.



Boil a pan of water then reduce to a fast simmer. Place the poached eggs in for 4-5 minutes until cooked to desired firmness.

Remove cling film with care, using scissors to cut where the air pocket is.



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Top 20 Hunger Busting Foods

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  1. Eggs: Rich in protein and unsaturated fats, an egg-based breakfast can easily keep you full until lunchtime.
    Tip: They are no longer seen as a danger to your cholesterol levels so ‘an egg a day is ok’.
  2. Oats: A bowl of oatmeal or porridge is a perfect choice anytime. Oats are high in fibre and are a low Gi food which helps to balance your blood sugar levels, meaning they will curb your craving for snacks.
    Tip: Add fruit for extra nutrition.
  3. Almonds: All nuts make a great hunger-busting snack, but almonds are king for satiety. They contain the highest fibre levels per serving and are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium.
    Tip: Just 15 almonds = 100 cals so don’t eat a whole bag!
  4. Green leafy veg: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts are top of the tree for keeping hunger at bay. These fibrous greens take longer for the body to digest full of iron and other nutrients.
    Tip: Try steaming to preserve nutrients.
  5. Cayenne Pepper: A natural appetite suppressant; cayenne pepper not only curbs your hunger due to the chemical capsaicin, it also revs your metabolism!
    Tip: Sprinkle cayenne pepper on your food and you will burn calories quicker while staying satisfied for longer.
  6. Apples: An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, it also keeps hunger at bay too. Apples are slow to digest, high in soluble fibre and contain a natural sugar, pectin, which helps you to feel full.
    Tip: Chop into segments and sprinkle on cinnamon.
  7. Broth-based soup: A bowl of broth-based soup drunk before a meal can curb your hunger due to its high water content.
    Tip: If you are making your own, add plenty of veg for extra fibre and nutrients.
  8. Avocados: Tasty and delicious, avocados are high in fibre and contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that prompts your brain to signal that you are full.
    Tip: While avocados contain heart-healthy fats, they are high in calories, so eat them in moderation.
  9. Greek yoghurt: Greek yoghurt contains twice the amount of protein compared to normal dairy yoghurt, making it an ideal filling food. Plus, it’s rich in calcium.
    Tip: Add some flaked almonds for extra satiety.
  10. Beans: All varieties of beans are high in complex carbs, protein and fibre, which all help to keep you feeling full.
    Tip: Add them to salads, casseroles, curries and other dishes.
  11. Salmon: Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids make excellent filling food choices and salmon comes top of the class here. It’s rich in protein too.
    Tip: Delicious with scrambled eggs.
  12. Dark Chocolate: The high cocoa levels and bitter taste will stop any chocolate craving in its tracks while the steric acid contained in dark chocolate will help you to feel fuller for longer.
    Tip: Enjoy with coffee to diffuse the bitter taste.
  13. Water: What can we say about water that hasn’t already been said? Thirst is often mistaken for hunger so drinking a glass or two will drive away hunger pangs.
    Tip: Have a glass of water before a meal and you are likely to eat less.
  14. Coffee: This popular beverage is rich in caffeine and antioxidants which can boost your metabolism and curb your hunger.
    Tip: Too much can be bad for your nervous system so stick to 1-2 cups per day.
  15. Sweet potatoes: Rich in vitamin A and C and less starchy than their floury counterparts, sweet potatoes contain a digestive enzyme that takes the body longer to break down so they will keep you satisfied for longer.
    Tip: Spray with oil and bake for sweet potato wedges.
  16. Green Tea: This well known metabolism-booster also helps to balance your blood-sugar levels, meaning you are less likely to get that hollow, hungry feeling.
    Tip: Drinking one cup a day can keep your brain sharp as you age. (American journal of clinical nutrition)
  17. Chia seeds: These tiny seeds are big on Omega 3, protein and fibre which promote satiety.
    Tip: They are also moisture-absorbing, meaning that once you have eaten them, they will expand, keeping you feeling nice and full.
  18. Tofu: Not just for vegetarians, tofu is high in filling protein, low in calories and contains genistein, a natural appetite suppressant.
    Tip: Try adding some to Japanese miso soup or a stir-fry.
  19. Cinnamon: This is another hunger-busting spice which helps to regulate your blood sugar levels and curb your appetite.
    Tip: Add some to yoghurt, fruit, or oatmeal.
  20. Flax seeds: Rich in soluble fiber, Omega 3 and Omega 6, flax seeds are an ideal natural appetite-suppressing food.
    Tip: Sprinkle them over your salad, yoghurt or oats.