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Getting Through The New Year Blues

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The Christmas decorations have been taken down, your relatives have (finally) gone home, it’s time to go back to work , and your bank balance is looking very sorry for itself – it’s no wonder that you’ve got a case of the “post-Christmas blues”. However there are things that you can do to lift your mood after the festive period.

1. Give yourself time to adjust

Accept that it may be normal to feel lower in mood after the hype and expectation of Christmas so try to allow a period of transition, for example, by taking an extra day’s holiday and/or easing yourself back into work gently. Allow extra time to check the inevitable deluge of emails received in your absence, minimise the number of meetings in the first few days back, prioritise your work and leave on time rather than staying late to “catch up”.

2. Make a plan

Going back to the monotony of everyday life can be a depressing thought and so a good way to counter this can be to make a plan which gives you something to look forward to, whether this is to run a 5K, go on holiday, learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.


3. Take stock of your life

Occasionally the “post Christmas blues” may be more than just a passing phase and may highlight a difficulty in your life whether at home or work. Allow yourself some time before making any life-changing decisions but do take the opportunity to consider whether there are any aspects of your life that could be improved – maybe it is time to look for a new job?

4. Get healthy

When you are feeling down, there can be a temptation to “comfort eat” (especially if you’ve received a lot of chocolate for Christmas!) but a poor diet can contribute to feeling tired and low. Exercise not only helps you to get rid of those extra pounds that you gained following the excess of Christmas, but can also release mood boosting endorphins, especially if you can get out in the fresh air.

5. Consider if you may be SAD

The shorter winter days may affect your hormones and body clock leading to a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Try to make the most of natural light by getting outdoors when you can (which can also increase levels of vitamin D) and leaving your curtains open for as long as possible. Alternatively, you may want to invest in a light box, which simulates exposure to sunlight.

6. Boost your social life

The winter weather may make you feel like hibernating but try to keep yourself busy and make time for socialising with others. Don’t wait to be asked – take the lead and invite your friends for coffee/lunch/a night out.

7. Organise your finances

Christmas can be an expensive time, which can lead to worries over finances. Rather than burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best, review your income and outgoings and set yourself a realistic budget. It may mean “tightening your belt” in the short term, but lead to less anxiety in the long term.

8. Seek help

Ask for help – talk to someone you trust whether it is family, friends, your GP, a counsellor or other healthcare professional.

If you or someone you know is feeling low or affected by depression or you have any questions about depression then please contact me. If you are feeling suicidal then you can contact Samaritans (116 123) or attend your local Accident & Emergency department.


Isle of Man: Why Are Family Office Services Becoming So Popular?

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Family Offices are private wealth management advisory services offered to ultra-high net worth investors to centralise focus and control over family finances, legal, tax and administration issues. It is an outsourced solution to manage the financial and investment affairs of wealthy individuals or families. It works to provide the best solution for building, preserving and transferring family wealth onto future generations.

The first known family office was setup for the Rockefeller family of New York in the 19th Century. The family, faced with increased wealth management concerns, began hiring trusted advisors with certain expertise to assist with the management and protection of their family’s interests. Thus the concept of family office was born.

Family Offices are most commonly utilised because assets have grown in size and complexity, demanding full-time professional management. The world’s most wealthy families establish Family Offices to ensure their wealth is suitably preserved for future generations.

One of the main attractions of the use of a family office for wealthy families is having one central source for information and advice on the family’s financial matters. Having a dedicated team of professionals who are completely focused on the client’s goals and financial aspirations in a completely confidential manner who can ensure wealth management and future proofing of complex structures to ensure the wealth is managed effectively for future generations.

One of the most important parts of any family office is to consolidate all relevant financial information into one report and coordinate with various financial institutions to establish an overall investment strategy. This saves valuable time and resources for family members and can focus the mind on the main goals for the family’s wealth and is a pragmatic way to manage overall investment risk.

A family office may also act as a connection between family members and as a trusted advisor for younger generations. Research has shown that many wealthy families are not able to preserve their wealth for longer than three generations. This is often caused by a lack of strategy within the family or a lack of communication between the family members. A family office can build long-term relationships with all family members and involve and educate the younger generation on wealth management matters. As the family office is a third party, it is often easier for family members to discuss financial matters with the family office instead of dealing directly with each other.

It has been said that the most important considerations of any family office are a professional comprehensive service, discretion and extensive wealth management experience and at CCW we can offer all three.

If you are considering a family office for your family or are a trusted advisor who is looking to move a family office which is currently in existence we would be happy to discuss your needs. Crowe Clark Whitehill have looked after families and their needs for over 30 years, our people are highly skilled and qualified client professionals. We have extensive experience in the management of international structures and through our network we have links to professional advisors in almost every jurisdiction around the globe.

Crowe Clark Whitehill’s services are uniquely crafted to give each family exactly what they need. We will take the time to get to know you, your aspirations and concerns. We understand that there is nothing more important than family and that you will be in trusting personal matters to us, we will work with you to gain understanding and build long term relationships.