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Reiki: Be Honest In Your Work

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Some time ago I started writing a series on Reiki, taking a break to share with you about Meditation and also healthy eating. The last Reiki article looked at humbleness. This time we explore being honest in your work…

Being honest does not mean you have to tell someone straight out that you would not be seen dead wearing that jacket, but it does mean you need to be honest in your day and how you present yourself at work (and in life), and that includes the content of your CV/ social media. It is nice to have some good stories to share about past experiences, but we live in a world that is getting ever smaller, and whilst the glory of the story is fun, the weight of the fall when you get caught out can cost you your career path. Here are a few other examples:

  • Speak your truth – if someone asks your opinion, respectfully share your thoughts – you will need to use wisdom in how you speak and how much you choose to share, especially if it is not what you feel the other party wants to hear – but it could be important in their decision making. Make sure feedback is constructive and you share the good points first, appreciating their line of thought.

“The more honesty you use in your day, the more you attract truth and honesty from others.”

  • Do not make promises you cannot keep – a broken promise may be interpreted as a lie. This creates an appearance of dishonesty and mistrust. By being seen as a person true to your word you become seen as an individual with integrity and become respected – this is good for your career as you will earn a reputation for your honesty. It is also good for staff management as you will be looked upon as a sound leader.
  • Do the work you love – if you are not in a job you want to do – consider your career options and path carefully. You need to be honest with yourself as well as with others.

The more honesty you use in your day, the more you attract truth and honesty from others. Furthermore, if you are not telling mistruths, it is easier on your memory, you do not have to remember what you have told others, you will have a sense of your word and will not be having to cover anything up. As you become more truthful and honest in yourself and your life you reduce political issues and with time any backstabbing that may go on around you will reduce too.

Do remember, Honesty is not about revealing everything about yourself, so do use your judgement wisely, it is about being true to yourself and your being. Daily practice of honesty is important. You will need to check yourself – ask yourself, am I being honest and true, persevere with the goal to be honest in your work and all that you do. Do not give up when you are faced with challenges. The challenges will help you grow and be stronger in your ability to be honest, making you a more credible person with wise experience.

Next time we explore the importance of compassion…

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Reiki: Be Humble…

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Be humble… Humbleness is used in so many phrases – humble apologies, humbly accepting a gift, or being a humble servant, but what is it to be truly humble?

In modern society, it is generally considered that humble people are meek, have low confidence and are too easy going. In reality, this is really not so. It takes a lot of strength to be truly humble, and it is a huge gift to have this skill – but humble people do not shout about their skill as that would be proud… so to learn from a true humble, you will need to observe individuals and decide upon who to look to for yourself.

Some of the skills you are looking to observe and learn are:

  • Being able to treat others as equals, be they a cleaner or the Chairman. That does not mean being overly familiar with them, but treating them with the same humble respect.
  • It means being able to accept compliments with the same dignity and consideration as criticism, as both are equally important for personal growth and development, but it also means being able to process those comments without being egotistical – for we all have days where things go right for us (and days where things go not so right).
  • It also means being able to accept a situation, regardless of being good or bad for themselves, for the greater good of the whole. It does not mean sacrificing ones-self for others, just a point of acceptance so that a situation can move forward with positivity.
  • Being able to make decisions (no matter how tough) based on moral values, rather than ego.
  • The ability to give credit where credit is due. A humble will actually praise others and speak positively (and humbly) of others successes. This is partly why they are such good team players and leaders, as this skill helps them to motivate their staff and those around them.


  • To lead humbly will involve being able to delegate clearly to those working with you, and allowing them the space to do the work and potentially identify different ways to do the piece of work. The humble leader will be able to take the feedback that there are new ways of delivering the work, and also lead team members (rather than squashing them) when they are perhaps heading off on a wrong tangent.
  • The humble person just is. They are striving to act within their morals, or with respect or kindness, or to be a good but fair leader, they are not trying to be humble. As soon as you are trying to be humble, the ego steps in and the essence of your actions is lost.

My eldest daughter gave me a profound statement the other day. She said an ignorant person thinks they know everything, whereas a wise person, no matter how well-read and researched, knows they know nothing in the whole scheme of things. What a beautiful example of being humble: the wisdom of knowing you do not – and never will – know everything.

Humbleness cannot be claimed, it is an action from the very core of your being – the ability to act with your inner truth for the good of all. Next time we will explore being true about your way and your being as a principle of Reiki, until then I will let you ponder the thought of humble actions that go on around you.