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The Importance of Taking Regular Breaks

1024 680 Clare Evans, Personal and Business Coach


Make time to take a complete break from work. You owe it to yourself, your health and mental wellbeing.

You work hard during the week and probably spend the weekend rushing around completing all those jobs that need doing. You go back to work on a Monday just as tired and stressed as you were on the Friday.

When you work for yourself you may feel you can’t afford to take the time away and that the office will fall apart without out you. When you work for someone else you may only get four weeks paid holiday a year and you need to work around your colleagues and family commitments too.

While most people are happy to book up their main holiday over the Summer – two weeks away with the family or friends, you should also plan in shorter breaks. A long weekend or a week every few months.

Would you rather have three or four holidays a year? They don’t have to be three or four ‘long’ holidays. A break away from your normal routine can do you as much good as a week away.

There are enough Bank Holidays throughout the year to give you the opportunity of a shorter working week to get away. It doesn’t have to be a foreign trip to an exotic location or need to involve a lot of expense. There are plenty of unexplored places on your doorstep or only a short drive away. Rather than spend your weekend catching up, trips to the DIY store or garden centre, become a tourist in your own town.

A change of scenery and doing something different (even if that means a spot of guilt-free nothing – relaxing, reading, enjoying a great view) can be just the break you need from the day-to-day busyness and stress of work.

One holiday a year is never enough. You arrive, take a few days to unwind and are just starting to relax when it’s time to come back again.

Do you often find you are ill when you go on holiday? If you’ve been under stress and you’re working too hard this is a good indicator. Once you start to relax on holiday, your body which has been dealing with the stress or suppressing any thoughts of being ill, decides it’s had enough. Not helped by coughs, colds and bugs passed by other travellers.

Taking regular breaks and giving yourself time to relax is important to your mental and physical wellbeing and will help to reduce your stress.

If you’d like to know how you can organise your life better still be able to take three or holidays a year, email or call me and let me help you improve your work/life balance.