When Things Go Bump In The Night…

When Things Go Bump In The Night…

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When Things Go Bump In The Night…


October is here and Halloween is being marketed in every high street store you can imagine. Fright night events are scheduled, and the sweet bins are being loaded to prepare you for the trick or treaters. Halloween is looked at as a time for some scary fun, but not everyone finds scary funny.  Here are a few homeopathic remedies* to help support you when you are scared of what goes bump in the night (both adults and wee ones alike).

Aconite – This is a great remedy for those who wake in panic at midnight – terrified. They have terrifying nightmares and may find it hard to sleep at all. They may have anxiety about the future and may even fear death. Children may wake at midnight screaming and be difficult to console, and then be afraid to sleep. Aconite is a great remedy for midnight terrors.

Belladonna – This lovely remedy is great for childhood fevers where the child radiates heat, but it is also a wonderful remedy for children who wake in delirium fearful of monsters. They may wake at 3am with nightmares. There may also be a phobia of dogs.

Borax – This is a common remedy for children or individuals who wake suddenly in the night for no apparent cause. They may clutch onto the side of the cot (children that is!!) and scream. Little ones have a fear of being put down or downward motion, so putting a little one in their crib when they have fallen asleep feeding tends to be a nightmare for parents. Individuals needing borax may also be fearful of sudden loud noises – this may be noticed by being startled when spoken to. This is a remedy that can help pets fearful of fireworks.

Nat mur – This is a remedy for those who are fearful of robbers or wake from bad dreams of robbers. They may check everywhere is locked several times at night to be sure the home safe for the night. They may also be more fearful or have problems sleeping around the full moon.

Phosphorus – This is a frequently used remedy for those fearful of ghosts and ghouls. Individuals needing this remedy can become fearful at twilight and are really not keen of the dark at all. There may be a fear that something is lurking in every dark corner they see. Nightmares may include themes of fire. This is also a common remedy for pets that are afraid of fireworks.

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Dawn Waterhouse

Dawn Waterhouse

Dawn is a Homeopath, Reiki master and also works with diet and nutrition. Before this, she was an Accountant. Dawn has two lovely natural children ages 10 and 14 who have not received conventional medications. If you would to know more about natural treatments for a wide array of conditions, or attend one of Dawn's popular self-help workshops, please contact Dawn. The legal bit - Disclaimer The contents of this article are intended as an aid for readers to adopt a healthy approach to their health. The article is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and should not be relied upon in this way. Always consult a Medical Doctor, Homeopath or health practitioner. The author cannot take responsibility for illness arising out of failure to seek medical advice.

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