UK Employees Waste 200 Working Hours Every Year

UK Employees Waste 200 Working Hours Every Year

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UK Employees Waste 200 Working Hours Every Year

Time Wasting

Research conducted as part of the release of Microsoft Office 2016 has shown that British workers waste approximately 3 hours of each working day, and up to 200 working hours each year could be made up by making one simple change to the way we work.

With only half the working day being productive, according to the study, and with 28 whole working days in lost productivity, employers need to consider better ways of boosting employee engagement across all levels of their organisation.

76% of those surveyed admitted they spent too much time delaying work and procrastinating rather than getting on with important tasks, so here are some important recommendations from the survey that employers should take into account when trying to increase the productivity of their employees:

1) Build more teams – the study found that those who spent most of their time alone, and comfortable in their own offices, found more reasons to get out of work and not to complete tasks. Those who work in a team environment are far more productive with an average extra hour of productive work each day. (5 hours and 6 minutes, compared to an average of 4 hours and 18 minutes for those who work alone). Over the course of  the year, around 200 hours of productive work could be found.

2) Focus on the productivity of younger employees – the survey revealed that employees in the 18 – 24 year old age bracket were the most easily distracted at work, and were more likely to procrastinate and not get on with their jobs. Those between 34 to 44 years old were productive for 5 hours of the day compared to just 3 hour and 54 minutes for the younger generation.

3) Try reducing the length of the working day – The Swedish government and Toyota Services in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, have both experimented with shorter working days. Toyota have used six hour work days since 2002 while the government have been reducing shift times for nurses since last year. Both have discovered that shorter work days have increased productivity, and boosted the overall happiness of their employees.

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