Walking towards Wellbeing

Walking towards Wellbeing

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Walking towards Wellbeing


Time in the countryside, getting out into the open, is more beneficial than just the physical exercise undertaken. Whatever your age, sex or profession the benefits are there to be reaped for free.

A walk before work can be a great opportunity to plan your priorities for the day ahead. There is quiet time to reflect on what is important for your day, week, month… In this busy, busy world where hardly a moment of our day is not artificially stimulated, it is difficult to find the mental space to reflect and evaluate.

We wake up to the alarm, radio or TV. The demands of family or work press upon us, so that we are often pushed to a point where we feel it is difficult to cope. We lose sight of what is important to us and often feel a loss of our sense of identity.

One has to make time for oneself and a walk before work is manageable for many of us. Several years ago, I started to get up earlier to fit mine in and have reaped the rewards. I am fitter as a result and each morning I feel invigorated by my early walk, whatever the weather.


Lifestyles4Lawyers advocates a healthy work-life balance and we share our #WalkBeforeWork photo’s via Twitter, Pinterest and through our regular Barefoot Blog and recipes.

I have a gained a sense of the changing seasons and feel more connected with the world outside of work and family, through my ritual morning exercise. I feel better able ‘see’ myself again. Better able to know what I want and to set goals for my own development.

A walk before work definitely leads to a more productive work time, which in turn frees one up to pursue the areas of ones life, in and out of work, which are ripe for development. It allows evaluation of long term goals, whether business or personal, and ensures that ones time is spent working towards them.

There is never a better time to start that now. Autumn is a stunning season and brings extra rewards in the form of blackberries, mushrooms, rose hips, bullace…If you choose to go mushrooming, go with an expert to start with and arm yourself with an excellent book for identification. I am happy to recommend Roger Phillips ‘Mushrooms’ published by Macmillen.

The colours and scents of autumn seem to transport one back to childhood days of tree climbing and rolling in dried leaves. If it rains; pull on your wellington boots and splash in a puddle! When was the last time you did that?


If you absolutely cannot fit a walk into your morning schedule, then try for walking after work and at the weekend. The whole family or friend will benefit from a hike and a picnic or lunch at a local pub.

Make time for yourself. Breathe deeply of the fresh air and feel restored. It’s all about the balance!

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