Wellbeing At Work Improves Productivity And The Bottom Line

Wellbeing At Work Improves Productivity And The Bottom Line

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Wellbeing At Work Improves Productivity And The Bottom Line


Workplace wellbeing is not just about ticking the CSR box – it improves productivity, decreases absenteeism and is good for business. At our London event last October, the CEO of Goodman Masson, Guy Hayward, explained how implementing a successful employee wellbeing scheme has had a dramatic effect to the bottom line.

Some top line stats include more than doubling the profit per head from his recruitment team in less than three years and over 50% reduction in sickness days giving the overall business a significant rise in profits.

Alongside wellbeing, there is still a huge stigma attached to mental health, especially in the workplace. Thankfully, the tide is turning but there is still a huge amount of work to do and those organisations who are ahead of the curve will attract the best talent and retain them.

Campaigners, broadcasters, business leaders and even the Prime Minister are talking about mental health and wellbeing and how we need to break down the stigma, improve awareness and understand the importance of our mental wellbeing. It is estimated that over 70% of UK employers do not have a formal mental health policy for employees even though it is one of the top reasons for long-term absenteeism and cost the UK economy billions every year.


The Wellbeing at Work event takes place on 26 April at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh and will provide 16 expert speakers from a cross-section of the business world to offer you all of the tools required to implement a successful scheme in your organisation.

Speakers from Standard Life Investments, Investors in People Scotland, the CIPD, NHS Scotland and business leaders who have implemented change in their organisations will share their knowledge and expertise to help you make a positive change in your company.

For further details go to http://edinburgh.wellbeingatworkevent.com


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