What Colour Is Your Future?

What Colour Is Your Future?

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What Colour Is Your Future?


Today I completed a quick quiz from PwC The Future Of Work: Three Worlds. The results were what one would expect from a slightly ‘alternative’ member of the Lifestyles4Lawyers team who works from home…

The results are as follows:

‘You will work for an organisation whose values mirror you own: You belong in the Green World

You are a loyal and committed employee. You want to belong to an organisation that shares your beliefs and has a strong sense of corporate responsibility, with ethics and environmental credentials as a top priority. You expect continued learning and development opportunities and often work closely with coaches and mentors. Although you expect to be fairly rewarded, you are not motivated solely by salary and are keen to incorporate charity or social/humanitarian work in your life. You also want to enjoy a wide range of alternative career and lifestyle benefits.’

This little quiz made me evaluate and appreciate what I love about working for a company who ‘walk the walk’. Lifestyles4Lawyers have the confidence to practice what they preach: Extolling a better work-life balance. I am lucky enough to benefit from their insightful approach and they, in return, receive my hard work, dedication and belief in their message.

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When employees are empowered and their achievements recognised, when they are given the opportunity to benefit from flexible working arrangements and given the chance to grow and learn new skills through training and development; the employer reaps the rewards just as much as the employee.

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