What’s So Important About Vitamin D?

What’s So Important About Vitamin D?

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What’s So Important About Vitamin D?




Your body makes Vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. In fact 80% to 100% of the Vitamin D we need comes from the sun. This won’t be a problem at The Reset Button Retreat, however many of us are not getting enough sun to create sufficient vitamin D.

Your skin also effects how much of the vitamin you are getting – the average 70 year old creates only 25% of the vitamin D a 20 year old does. Skin colour makes a difference too, dark skin produces less.

During the gloomy months increase your intake of Vitamin D with the foods that contain it naturally: fatty wild fish like mackerel and herring, mushrooms and cod liver oil.  And when the sun’s out, get outside and enjoy what Vitamin D can can do for your body. These include growth and development of teeth and bones, helping with the fight against heart disease, and regulating your mood.

Vitamin D deficiency affects over a quarter of the UK population. Lack of Vitamin D has been linked to many cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, fibro myalgia, chronic muscle pain, bone loss, and auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis.

I regularly test my clients for Vitamin D deficiency (ask for a 25 OH vitamin D test). If you find you are low, take vitamin D3 drops (the active form), boost your diet with oily fish and make sure you enjoy a little bit of sunshine when you can.



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