Why Resiliency is the Key to Decreasing Your Stress Levels

Why Resiliency is the Key to Decreasing Your Stress Levels

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Why Resiliency is the Key to Decreasing Your Stress Levels


A new scheme developed by the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI) at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has demonstrated that a Resiliency Training Programme can help people reduce their stress levels, lower their anxiety and increase their productivity over a period of time.

The research, published in the journal Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, looked at a group of high school students. Teenagers are among the most stressed age groups as they deal with conflict among their peers, at home, as well as handling financial problems. As we have mentioned in other articles, higher stress levels can have serious long term consequences in regards to poor physical and mental health, as well as leading low academic and work performance.

To combat the problem, the BHI developed what they call a “Stress-Reduction/Resilience-building curriculum” which they taught to educators in Boston, United States. 12 teachers in a Boston public charter school were trained for six hours in stress and relaxation techniques including Positive Psychology, reframing, breathing and imagery exercises.

These 12 teachers were then tasked to teach the curriculum over a 2 month period to 13 to 19 year old students. The students were then assessed in regards to the impact the exercises had on their overall stress levels. Most reported sharp falls in anxiety and stress whilst also seeing increases in their abilities in dealing with stressful situations. All participants in the study when then assessed a year later to gauge whether the curriculum was still having the same impact. The study discovered that it was, indicating that the Positive Psychology and reframing strategies also worked over the long term. Marilyn Wilcher, the BHI senior program director commented:

‘It’s important for us to continue to expand our research not only to help us continually refine and improve the program but also to demonstrate to educational and political leadership that this work is worth investing in on a broad scale for the benefit of our children.”

At iPerform, we have entire weeks of our employee engagement programme dedicated to these Positive psychology, breathing and reframing techniques, which were so crucial to improving stress levels in this study. Such techniques work equally well for employees in the workplace so why not try out our 2 week free trial here.




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