Working With Stress

Working With Stress

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Working With Stress


Law is one of the toughest professions with one of the highest rates of stress of any sector. Amanda Noble-Simmons acknowledged the need to do something about stress for legal professionals; with a 2012 Law Society survey finding that ‘95% of respondents reported negative stress in their working lives.’ Lifestyles4Lawyers was set up in 2012 in order to help legal professionals achieve a better work-life balance and promote good wellbeing in law firms.

The Law Society Gazette recently discussed what wellbeing and stress being brought out into the open and going mainstream means for pragmatic lawyers who don’t really encompass the whole ‘Hippy Trail’ thing and even those who do.

Lawyers have huge responsibilities and the pressures of large caseloads and the importance of the work they undertake, mean it’s hard to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. But the age old question ‘Who takes care of the carer?’ springs to mind!


Legal professionals need to act for themselves. If lawyers and law firms do not recognise and act to improve their own wellbeing and that of their staff, to reduce stress; ever more excellent lawyers will leave, or be forced to leave the profession.

Joining Lifestyles4Lawyers is free and stress free! We provide articles about wellbeing, nutrition,fitness and tips for getting out of the office and incorporating time for reflection into your working week. Our Spotlight On Lawyers articles share what lawyers are doing outside the office to improve their work-life balance and our On The Job articles share tips for getting the most out of work.


Even lawyers need a hug and Lifestyles4Lawyers recognises that! There is also more help and support available through the Law Society helplines. Opening up discussions around stress and the physical and mental health problems suffered in silence by a high percentage of legal professionals and other professionals working under huge pressure, means that the pathways to help become visible and the door to action is thrown wide.


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